• Cast
  • Princess Irene(The Princess and the Goblin)-Penny
  • Morgana(The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea)-Madame Medusa
  • Lawrence(The Princess and the Frog)-Mr.Snoops
  • Jim Crow(Dumbo)-Orville
  • Flotsam and Jetsam(The Little Mermaid)-Brutus and Nero
  • Kairi(Kingdom Hearts)-Miss Bianca
  • Ventus(Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep)-Bernard
  • Maurice(Beauty and The Beast)-The Chairmouse
  • Snow White(Snow White and The Seven Dwarves)-Ellie Mae
  • Prince(Snow White and The Seven Dwarves)-Luke
  • Donald Duck(Disney)-Gramps/Turtle
  • Louis(Princess and The Frog)-Digger/Mole
  • Victor(The Hunchback of Notre Dame)-Deadeye/Rabbit
  • Fidget(The Great Mouse Detective)-Deacon/Owl
  • Sharptooth(The Land Before Time)-Twister the Snake
  • George Shrinks-Jake
  • Junior Shrinks(George Shrinks)-Sparky the Fly
  • Curdie(The Princess and the Goblin)-Cody
  • Scuttle(The Little Mermaid)-Wilbur
  • Dr. Facilier(The Princess and the Frog)-Percival C.McLeach
  • Meowth(Pokemon)-Joanna the Goanna
  • Charizard(Pokemon)-Marahute

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