The Return of Nastina is an episode of Pokemon Puzzle League: The TV Series. It is the tenth episode of the sixth season which aired on November 16, 2002.


  • In a flashback to Tentacool and Tentacruel, Ash, Brock and Misty are unable to escape and they get hit by the Tentacruel, courtesy of Team Rocket and Nastina. The present day, they wake up in their room, frightened and Gary splashes cold water over the three to shut them up. He, Surge, Erika, Koga, Sabrina, Blaine, Tracey, Giovanni, Ritchie, Lorelei, Bruno, The 12 Gym Leaders, Casey, The Kimono Sisters, The Tetris Attack Crew and The Pokemon The Fighters Crew, along with Mary, discover that Our Heroes are giving nightmares lately. So they head for a Puerto Rican party. However, Nastina has returned after being absent and Ash, Brock and Misty become scared of her. The Vermilion Gang have to think of another way to conquer Our Heroes' fear. Later, after the Puerto Rican party, Nastina comes over and Our Heroes are told by The Orange Crew to be brave. Soon, Nastina wakes up scared and Brutella is glad that she's awake. At the end of the episode, Ash, Brock and Misty thank the rest of the trainers and they get a good night's rest.


From Pokemon

  1. Ash Ketchum (Veronica Taylor)
  2. Mary (Kerry Williams)
  3. Gary Oak (Jimmy Zoppi)
  4. Brock (Eric Stuart)
  5. Misty (Rachael Lillis)
  6. Lt. Surge (Maddie Blaustein)
  7. Erika (Leah Applebaum)
  8. Koga (Stan Hart)
  9. Sabrina (Lisa Ortiz)
  10. Blaine (Ted Lewis)
  11. Tracey Sketchit (Ted Lewis)
  12. Jessie (Rachael Lillis)
  13. James (Eric Stuart)
  14. Meowth (Maddie Blaustein)
  15. Wobbuffet (Kayzie Rogers)
  16. Giovanni (Ted Lewis)
  17. Ritchie (Tara Jayne)
  18. Lorelei (Jayne Grand)
  19. Bruno (Maddie Blaustein)
  20. Sissy (Tara Jayne)
  21. Danny (Jim Malone)
  22. Rudy (Matthew Mitler)
  23. Luana (Kayzie Rogers)
  24. Falkner (Matthew Mitler)
  25. Bugsy (Tara Jayne)
  26. Whitney (Megan Hollingshead)
  27. Morty (Andrew Rannells)
  28. Chuck (Dan Green)
  29. Jasmine (Tara Jayne)
  30. Pryce (Jimmy Zoppi)
  31. Clair (Megan Hollingshead)
  32. Casey (Kerry Williams)
  33. Sakura (Kerry Williams)
  34. Sumomo (Kayzie Rogers)
  35. Satsuki (Lisa Ortiz)
  36. Koume (Tara Jayne)
  37. Tamao (Megan Hollingshead)
  38. Calista (Tara Jayne)
  39. Bailey (Carol Jacobanis)
  40. Joe (Kayzie Rogers)
  41. Miki (Lisa Ortiz)
  42. Marina (Lisa Ortiz)
  43. Chopper (Matthew Mitler)
  44. Aya (Lisa Ortiz)
  45. Charmaine (Lisa Ortiz)
  46. Damian (Maddie Blaustein)
  47. Alex Davis (Kayzie Rogers)
  48. Koji (Ted Lewis)
  49. Ken (Marc Thompson)
  50. Mikey (Kayzie Rogers)
  51. Rainer (Maddie Blaustein)
  52. Sparky (Matthew Mitler)
  53. Pyro (Matthew Mitler)
  54. A.J. (Maddie Blaustein)
  55. Krystal (Tara Jayne)
  56. Ethan (Nathan Price)
  57. Seymour (Maddie Blaustein)
  58. Suzy (Megan Hollingshead)
  59. Chigusa (Lisa Ortiz)
  60. Rebecca (Roxanne Beck)
  61. Ralph (Tara Jayne)
  62. Nelson (Kayzie Rogers)
  63. Dario (Maddie Blaustein)
  64. Mandi (Ted Lewis)
  65. Tsuyoshi (Wayne Grayson)
  66. Goneff (Sean Schemmel)
  67. Tyson (Dan Green)
  68. Braggo (Wayne Grayson)
  69. Duplica (Megan Hollingshead)
  70. Cassandra (Lisa Ortiz)
  71. McKenzie (Kayzie Rogers)
  72. Florinda Showers (Amy Birnbaum)
  73. Sylvester (Amy Birnbaum)
  74. Dayton (Tara Jayne)
  75. Andreas (Ted Lewis)
  76. Tierra (Amy Birnbaum)
  77. Timmy (Kayzie Rogers)
  78. Raiden (Dan Green)
  79. Melanie (Tara Jayne)
  80. Ruby (Tara Jayne)
  81. Mikeosu (Nathan Price)
  82. Melvin (Maddie Blaustein)
  83. Benji (Amy Birnbaum)
  84. Pietra (Carol Jacobanis)
  85. Woodruff (Dan Green)
  86. Jessibelle (Rachael Lillis)
  87. Cherry (Kerry Williams)
  88. Trinity (Carol Jacobanis)
  89. Zachary Evans (Amy Birnbaum)
  90. Nario (Andrew Rannells)
  91. Eve (Amy Birnbaum)
  92. Dorian (Michael Sinterniklaas)
  93. Ephraim (Tara Jayne)
  94. Stella (Megan Hollingshead)
  95. Bucky (Amy Birnbaum)
  96. Kiyo (Dan Green)
  97. Nastina (???)
  98. Brutella (???)


  • Who's That Pokemon: Quagsire.
  • Pokemon-a-Long: All We Wanna Do.
  • This is the first time Our Heroes suffer from their nightmare.
  • Nastina returns for the first time since 1998.


  • (The episode opens with a flashback from Tentacool and Tentacruel)
  • Narrator: As we open this episode, we find Ash, Brock and Misty trying to escape.
  • Ash: Oh no!
  • Brock: This is bad!
  • Misty: We're at a dead end!
  • Team Rocket: Surprise!
  • (Our Heroes gasp)
  • Jessie: We've brought you a gift.
  • James: You're going to be struck by the giant Tentacruel.
  • Meowth: This means the end for you.
  • Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet.
  • Nastina: Bye bye, losers.
  • (She and Team Rocket laugh, as the giant Tentacruel approaches our frightened heroes)
  • Ash, Brock and Misty: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • (They wake up in their room, still shrieking, until cold water splashes over the three)
  • Gary: (to Morty) I told you that would shut them up.
  • Morty: Sheesh.
  • Mary: Big brother. Are you alright? You, Brock and Misty must have had a horrible dream, didn't you?
  • Ash: Yes it was, little sister.
  • Brock: We were at Porta Vista...
  • Misty: ...when the giant Tentacruel attacked us.
  • Alex Davis: That's real wacky you guys. But hey, i got an idea. (he waits a second) Let's dance a can can.
  • Bugsy: Alex, nightmares can have lasting aftereffects.
  • Nelson: Why, there has been a connection between the whole dreams and the real world. If you will.
  • Alex Davis: Yes but...
  • Erika: Oh, come on. We haven't been invited to a Puerto Rican Party.
  • Sissy: And we musn't be late.
  • Ash: A Puerto Rican party?
  • Aya: That's right. It's where Jibaros, Choirs and Vejigantes come alike.
  • Koga: You guys can join in too.
  • Ash, Brock and Misty: We will.
  • (At the community center, a Puerto Rican party is held)
  • Ash: Wow, so that's why it's a Puerto Rican party.
  • Bailey: See, me and Marina are fully dressed in choir uniforms.
  • Marina: And our white pantyhose.
  • Brock: So the Puerto Rican party is just starting.
  • Misty: You got that right.
  • (Miss Priscilla appears)
  • Priscilla: Hey guys.
  • Brock: (proposing to Priscilla) Hi, Miss Priscilla, you were the mother of Lara Laramie and you're here.
  • Alex Davis: (dragging Brock away by his ear) Unfortunately, you're lame enough to flirt with.
  • Cherry: Pardon about Brock, but what are you doing?
  • Priscilla: It's a choir competition. I'm ready to make trainers sing.
  • Suzy: I heard of it.
  • Pietra: Let Bailey and Marina sing Black Widow Baby.
  • (Soon)
  • Bailey: Ready?
  • Marina: Ready.
  • (Bailey and Marina perform Black Widow Baby)
  • Bailey and Marina: I'm gonna love ya Until you hate me And I'm gonna show ya What's really crazy You should've known better Than to mess with me, honey I'm gonna love ya, I'm gonna love ya Gonna love ya, gonna love ya Like a black widow, baby This twisted cat and mouse game always starts the same First we're both down to play then somehow you go astray We went from nothing to something, liking to loving It was us against the world and now we just fucking It's like I loved you so much and now I just hate you Feeling stupid for all the time that I gave you I wanted all or nothing for us ain't no place in between Might, might be me believing what you say that you never mean Like it'll last forever but now forever ain't as long If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be stuck singing this song You were different from my last but now you got it mirrored And as it all plays out I see it couldn't be clearer Now sing You used to be thirsty for me But now you wanna be set free This is the web, web that you weave So baby now rest in peace (It's all over with now) I'm gonna love ya Until you hate me (Right) And I'm gonna show ya (Show 'em what show 'em what) What's really crazy You should've known better Than to mess with me, honey (it's all over with now) I'm gonna love ya, I'm gonna love ya Gonna love ya, gonna love ya Like a black widow, baby Black, black widow, baby I'm gonna l-l-l-love you until it hurts Just to get you I'm doing whatever works You've never met nobody That'll do you how I do ya That will bring you to your knees Praise Jesus hallelujah I'm-a make you beg for it, plead for it Till you feel like you breathe for it Till you do any and everything for it I want you to fiend for it Wake up and dream for it Till it's got you gasping for air And you lean for it 'Till they have a CAT scan and check on your mind And it's nothing but me, on it (on it, on it, on it) Now it's me-time believe that If it's yours when you want it I wouldn't promise I need that Till I'm everywhere that you be at I can't fall back go quick Cause this here a fatal attraction so I take it all or I don't want shit You used to be thirsty for me (Right) But now you wanna be set free This is the web, web that you weave So baby now rest in peace (It's all over with now) I'm gonna love ya Until you hate me (Right) And I'm gonna show ya (Show 'em what show 'em what) What's really crazy You should've known better Than to mess with me, honey I'm gonna love ya, I'm gonna love ya Gonna love ya, gonna love ya Like a black widow, baby Bl-bl-bla-black widow, baby.
  • (Black Widow Baby ends)
  • Bailey: Thank you.
  • Marina: Thank you very much.
  • Nastina: Excellent.
  • (Ash, Brock and Misty see Nastina)
  • Nastina: It's a pleasure to meet you.
  • Our Heroes: Nastina!
  • (They race into the food room to lock themselves up)
  • McKenzie: Ash, Brock and Misty.
  • Miki: Are you three alright?
  • Falkner: Gee, they must have been scared of Nastina.
  • Surge: Aw great.
  • Nastina: Boy, you're freaking me out.
  • Charmaine: Was that so?
  • Aya: You'd be more sorry to help.
  • Satsuki: That's right.
  • (Nastina gulps)
  • Ralph: We have to think of another way.
  • Nelson: Yeah.
  • (The Who's That Pokemon segment appears)
  • Crowd: Who's That Pokemon? It's Quagsire!
  • Quagsire: Quagsire.
  • (That afternoon, Our Heroes are watching a news report)
  • The Orange Islands Reporter: There has been a major nightmare at Porta Vista. Many trainers have been attacked by the Tentacruel.
  • Ash: Gee, we knew about Nastina.
  • Brock: We're scared of her.
  • Misty: Of course.
  • (The doorbell rings)
  • Tracey: Coming.
  • (He opens the door, revealing Nastina)
  • Nastina: Hi guys.
  • Danny: Ash, Brock and Misty, here's Nastina.
  • (Our Heroes could see Nastina again)
  • Ash, Brock and Misty: Gah! It wasn't us! Team Rocket's lying!
  • Koji: That's quite enough, you three.
  • Chopper: The only way to conquer your fear of Nastina...
  • Krystal: to attack her head on.
  • Ash, Brock and Misty: Really?
  • Ephraim: Sure.
  • Sakura: Do your best.
  • (The other trainers exit the doors)
  • (The clock ticks every minute between Our Heroes and Nastina)
  • Nastina: Say, you said that you'd be struck by the giant Tentacruel, didn't you?
  • (Our Heroes widen their eyes and leap on Nastina)
  • Ash, Brock and Misty: We hate you, Nastina!
  • Nastina: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • (She wakes up in her room, frightened)
  • Brutella: So, you woke yourself up eh?
  • Nastina: It was my nightmare.
  • (The next morning)
  • Ash: Thanks for helping us conquer our fear of Nastina.
  • Brock: We've been brave.
  • Misty: Thanks for all you did.
  • Calista: Why you're welcome.
  • Bailey: It's been a pleasure.
  • Joe: We believe it's a great day.
  • Narrator: And so, Ash, Brock and Misty's fear of Nastina has been conquered and their journey continues.
  • (The To Be Continued Card appears as the episode finishes)
  • (The Pokemon-a-Long segment appears)
  • Crowd: It's time for The Pokemon-a-Long.
  • (All We Wanna Do plays)
  • Chorus: Never know what's 'round the bend. We go up the hill and down again. And when there's trouble we'll get through, We always have and we always do! Nothing in the world can bring us down, no, not us (Not us). Spread a little sunshine all around, there's never enough! All we wanna do is have a good time, Having lots of fun with all these friends of mine! All we wanna do is celebrate, Everytime we've been together it's been great! Looking for adventure, big and small, Just being with a friend like you is all We wanna do!
  • (All We Wanna Do ends)

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