The Return of the Yardfather

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The Return of The Yardfather is the third studio album from Saigon. The album was released on December 26, 2006. The album was produced by Just Blaze and was released on his Fort Knocks Entertainment imprint. This album features the single, “Pain In My Life,” with Trey Songz.

Track Listing

  • 1. Return of the Yardfather (Intro) feat. DJ Kay Slay
  • 2. Don’t Do That
  • 3. Say No
  • 4. Dreams
  • 5. Rap & Bullshit
  • 6. Back In Effect (Interlude)
  • 7. Saigon Sings the Blues
  • 8. Return of the Yardfather (Interlude) feat. DJ Kay Slay
  • 9. Nobody Cares feat. Stic Man
  • 10. Desperado
  • 11. International (Global Gangstas)
  • 12. Change The Game (remix)
  • 13. Workin On It (Freestyle)
  • 14. Original Shit (Interlude)
  • 15. Pain In My Life feat. Trey Songz
  • 16. Top 5 Alive feat. Q-Tip and Angie Martinez
  • 17. Lay Down (Interlude) feat. DJ Kay Slay
  • 18. Do Your Thang
  • 19. Lames
  • 20. The End
  • 21. Outro feat. Clinton Sparks

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