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The Ridiculous Game Wiki

This is a project to create an insanely complex game along the lines of RPS-25 or Taikyoku Shogi that is still playable by humans, but just barely. The point of this is to break the mold of regular games, and just to have fun. Of course, for most people poring over some 100-page rulebook (it's an exaggeration, but still) to figure out how to start play is not really fun, but it should be possible to make such a complicated game fun with the right effort. At the very least, the game could be new and fresh.

Start out here by proposing your idea for a part of the game in the list of bits and pieces. This is not a place for video game ideas. It is okay to have small components of the game that require calculators or random number generators, but it's generally better to use pencils, paper, and dice. This game should ideally have a simple premise that has mutated into some ridiculous, deep, innovative, and totally sweet mixture of multiple genres. So, let's get this project up and running!

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