The Rise of Steam is a Thomas the Tank Engine special by {{#NewWindowLink:}}. It was released in May 2011.


Sir Topham Hatt goes to the Tidmouth Sheds to tell the other engines that he has to go away on important business. Thomas and his friends are surprised! Sir Topham Hatt plans to leave with Edward. The engines begin to feel sad. Edward was sad too, because he will be gone for a couple of weeks. Edward wants to stay with his friends, but he can't, because he's away with Sir Topham Hatt. While Edward is away, a new engine replaces him and his name is Steam Engine. He has to do Edward's jobs while Edward and Sir Topham Hatt away. Thomas and his friends tries to meet him, but Steam Engine growls angrily. Sir Topham Hatt tells the other engines that Steam Engine is probably tired after his long journey. He then tells the engines that while he's away, someone will need to look after Sodor, and thinks there's no better way, then have an engine instead of person in charge. Sir Topham Hatt chose the Mallard who arrives moments later. Gordon is worried, because he doesn't like the Mallard being in charge which gave him bad feeling. Sir Topham Hatt says Mallard will take over tommorow. Then Mallard introduces her driver, Wickem to the engines. He says that he is the power. Mallard tells Wickem not to make a joke.

The next morning at the Knapford Station, all the engines come to say goodbye to Sir Topham Hatt and Edward. They're all very sad. Gordon tells Sir Topham Hatt not to be away too long. Sir Topham Hatt tells the other engines that he and Edward will be back soon. Then he boards Edward's coach. Then Edward sadly puffs away with Sir Topham Hatt. After Edward and Sir Topham Hatt leave, Wickem tells Sir Topham Hatt not to be away too long, however if returns, his railway will be gone! The Mallard tells the engines that she isn't their controller, and that she is their friend and she is sure that everything will be just fine.

The next day, James was waiting for Thomas which he arrives. James was so happy to see him early. Thomas tells James that he had to be early, because they all have to when the Mallard was in charge and tells James that the Mallard was seemed happy enough when she left the Christmas from last year, and when she first arrived, she didn't seem to like the Sodor engines. Then they suddenly saw Steam Engine passed them. Thomas felt scared because Steam Engine looks creepy. Then they had an idea to talk to Steam Engine tonight. That night, Thomas and his friends tries to talk to Steam Engine, but Steam Engine didn't answer. Then Thomas asks Steam Engine if he had a brother who works on the railway. He is called Duck the Great Western Engine. Steam Engine angrily yells at Thomas that he doesn't have brother called Duck! Henry was suprised and tells Steam Engine that he was wrong, because Duck is the same class as him and was green. Steam Engine was still cross with the engines and yells at them and scolds them he doesn't have brother called Duck. And another thing, he was here to work not make friends in chit-chat and crossly scolds them not to bother speaking to him, beacuse he will not speak to them. Poor Thomas and his friends feels sad, then they went to sleep. While the engines are sleeping, Steam Engine's driver came to see him and he took Steam Engine to the Mallard's shed.

Meanwhile at the Mallard's sheds, the Mallard tells Wickem that it is hard to beleive it how easy being controllor of Sodor. Wickem asks her if she enjoy herself in her first day as the controllor of Sodor, and the Mallard tells Wickem that it was wonderful having her own little railway. Just then, Steam Engine arrived and he tells the Mallard that he can't be friendly with the Steam Team and can't stay at the stay at the Tidmoth Sheds anymore which it makes him sick. The Mallard thinks that Edward stayed in the sheds with his friends. Steam Engine has an evil plan to kill the diesels because he thinks the diesels are taking over the Sodor. And then he had an evil plans to make the Sodor engines pay. The Mallard tells Steam Engine not to worry. In the mean time, she will be the controller of this railway. Wickem tells the Mallard that she was a good controllor. He hate the Sodor engines as much as the Mallard does, but he will keep on the act as the haapy old chat. After all, he was to surve the Mallard at the end of the day which made her cross until Steam Engine stops them arguing. He tells them that there is two ways for doing things, the Great Western way and the wrong way. They all sit in back at all the engines got way what they did is the wrong way. Steam Engine is the Great Western and on the Great Western Railway, they all stood together. Then they all suddenly heard Diesel oiled passed them. Wickem thinks Diesel hadn't hear anything. Mallard had her plan to see Diesel in the morning.

The next moring, Duck is getting ready to do his work when he suddenly saw Stem Engine looking at him. Steam Engine had called Duck "Montague". Duck thought Steam Engine was "Slyvester the Potty Woggle" and thought that he hadn't seen him in years. Steam Engine tells Duck that his was Steam Engine now. Duck tells Steam Engine that he was not Montague anymore, because his name is now Duck. Steam Engine very furious after he hear Duck told him that he was Duck. Duck tells Steam Engine that he used to be nickname and then he felt sad after he hear Steam Engine told him that he was Steam Engine. Steam Engine tells Duck that he has been called "Steam Engine" since the diesels took over and then he crossly left. Duck felt very sad. He had remember that he used to live in the Great Western Railway and work with Steam Engine who is trouble in many years ago.

At the yards, Diesel had already shunt the trucks when he suddenly saw the Mallard came to see him which made him scared. He thinks that he heard the Mallard's plans last night and he ran way from her and tries to tell the engines about the Mallard's evil plans. As Diesel ran away, the Mallard tells Wickem to chase after Diesel, so they chased him. They ran passed the Brendom Docks which made Salty shocked who tells Cranky that the Mallard chases Diesel. The Mallard tells Diesel that he can't ran away because she is the fastet engine in the world and she caught him. Diesel felt scared. The Mallard begins to feel tired and Diesel escaped from her. He was pleased with himself and thought that he lost her but she still catching up with him. Suddenly, the points were jammed and the track has no buffers and just ended the grass. Mr. Keneddy appliy Diesel's breaks but it was too late. Diesel is trapped. He was so scared and about to fall down and then he suddenly saw the Mallard puffed towards him. He was very scared. The Mallard asks Diesel if he was okay, but he beg her to help him and Mr. Kenddy. Just then, Steam Engine arrived and asks the Mallard if she needs any help. The Mallard calls Wickem and tells him to help Mr. Kenddy so he help him out of Diesel's cab and took him to Steam Engine's cab so Steam Engine took Mr. Kenddy to the doctor. Diesel tries to tell the Mallard to help him so she can help him. But before the Mallard help Diesel, she asks him why did he hears them last night. Diesel thinks that he heard nothing so the Mallard could help him. Unfortunly, she can't because she is ready to push poor Diesel and he fell into the ditch!

Two days later, the Mallard tells the engines that she had a very sad news, because Diesel is dead. All the engines were very sad, except for Steam Engine. He was very angry, he doesn't like diesels. Everyone was very sad about Diesel's death. The Mallard sadly tells the engines that Diesel had overheard them planning and he ran away from her until she pushed him into the ditch. She tells the engines that she was not their enemy, because she was their friend. After the Mallard tells the engines about Diesel's death, everyone was very sad. Arry sadly tells Bert that their friend is gone and never coming back after he saw the Mallard.

The next morning at the harbor, Steam Engine came to see Duck again. He asks Duck if he has his branchline which is named after the Great Western Railway where they used to work there from a long time ago. Duck tells Steam Engine that his branchline is called the Little Western and it runs by the sea and was a beautiful place, then Steam Engine puffs away. That night, he was very cross. The Mallard asks Steam Engine if he was ill, but he was not, because he was going to the Little Western. The next moring, when Steam Engine arrived at the Little Western, he saw Oliver was there and was pleased to see him. Steam Engine was very cross when he saw Oliver was a Great Western Engine. Oliver tells Steam Engine that he was happy to live in the Little Western along with Duck. Steam Engine tells his driver that he have a little brats sportted the coaches. His driver tells him that it is going to nice day out for them. Then Steam Engine set off, he is not very happy to see the Great Western, he thinks it was disgrace. Then they stopped to see Bulstrolde which made Steam Engine furious. Then he chuffs to the beach. At the Great Waterton, Thomas and Wickem were playing jokes which makes the Mallard upset. Wickem tells Thomas that he and the Mallard are sitting in the Great Waterton and he was collects the passengers and the Mallard was doing nothing, but not finish this joke, the Mallard will laugh. Thomas was very happy and laughs at Wickem and he tells him that he has six small wheels and was blue and he even told Wickem that he was Thomas the Tank Engine and he was pleased to see him. Wickem was so proud of him until the Mallard tells him to stop playing time and she tells him that they had to go to the Crovens Gate to meet the Skarloey Engines. Meanwhile, Steam Engine arrived at the beach and asks his driver when have they come back for them. His driver tells Steam Engine they aren't coming back because they have to stay here until people are finish and told him that it should only about two hours. Steam Engine was furious! He demands his driver that they all had to stay here for two hours. His driver tells Steam Engine that he had to stay here for two hours, but he and the fireman aren't because they are going to by the ice cream, then they left. Steam Engine was very cross and all alone and he huffs crossly.

Later that afternoon at the Crovens Gate, the Skarloey Engines were excited to see the Mallard and the minutes later, she arrived. They were very pleased to see her. She introducd to Skarloey, Peter Sam, Sir Handel, Rheneas, Duncan, Freddie and Duke, and she even sees Rusty. She didn't look happy because Rusty was a diesel. She hated diesels. Peter Sam asks the Mallard why did she forget their good friend Rusty. The Mallard tells the narrow gauge engines that being controller of this railway takes a lot of a time then she chuffs away.

Back at the beach, Steam Engine was still cross after he stays here. He didn't like staying in the beach too long. Moments later, Oliver arived and asks Steam Engine if he was enjoy himself. Steam Engine told Oliver that he was having the time of his life. And Oliver told Steam Engine to look at the beach because it was beautiful and lovely. Steam Engine was very angry! Then Toad explains Oliver that it was not so beautiful when it was blustery day where the sands blow everywhere. Then the signal turns green and it was time for Oliver to go and then he chuffs away. Then Moments later, Steam Engine's driver and fireman returned to get ready to go. As the children aborad the coaches, Steam Engine chuffs away and took the children home.

That night, when Oliver arrived at the station for the evening train, Duck was there who had a sad news and tells Oliver that brother he had that he used to live in the Great Western Railway from a long time ago. Oliver thinks it was Cookie Pokie yourself and a Cookie Pook, but Duck tells Oliver it was Slyvester the Potty Woggle and that means he was here on this railway and that was him the day. Oliver begin to feel sad. Duck tells Oliver that his name was now Steam Engine. Oliver asks Duck that Steam Engine had caused on the railway. And at the Great Western Railway, he caused a lot of trouble and thinks that Steam Engine is better than him and Oliver. And he like to be control. Oliver wonders what he thought of the Little Western. Duck doesn't know and it worries him. He sadly told Oliver that Steam Engine seems awful close with the Great Mallard. If he want the branch line to be shut down, maybe it could happen and he even tells Oliver that Steam Engine had deep haterd for the diesels. When the Great Western Railway was closed, a part of the of this called the first Great Western and it was colplete operated to this day by the diesels. Oliver told Duck that he thought the diesel railcars were quite friendly, so they decided that Steam Engine won't be able to caused any trouble in this railway.

Midnight at the Mallard's shed, the Mallard asks Steam Engine if he enjoys the Little Western, but Steam Engine tells the Mallard that he didn't enjoy the Little Western because he wants the branchline shut down. He tells her that as long as that little branchline was called the Little Western and was complete embarrassment for the Great Western Railway. As big embarrassment, as the first Great Western Railway that is completed operated by the diesels. One more thing of this, Steam Engine would like to complain about his driver and fireman. This morning, when they stop at the beach, they got out of his cab and went to eat the ice cream and played in the sand and left him steaming. And a child could aboard Steam Engine and fidild of his control and he wouldn't set off and most likely crashed. The Mallard tells Steam Engine that his driver and fireman departed his cab while he was staying here and went to play in the sand and eatting ice cream. But Steam Engine tells the Mallard that it was not just that and tells her that he watched his driver and fireman playing vollyball with the children and they also have a donkey rides. The Mallard will deal with them tomorrow and she tells Steam Engine that she was thinking and she asks him what if they had to get the engines on this railway on the side. Steam Engine asks the Mallard if she means like a spy that could tell could tells them what's happening so the Mallard agrees with him.

The next morning, poor Gordon wasn't feeling well at all. He thinks that another engine would do his work because he was ill today. Moments later, Bear arrived and asks Gordon if he was okay, unfortuntely, Gordon doesn't feel well. He asks Bear if he was busy today, but Bear told Gordon that the Mallard had to sent him to shunt the trucks. Then Gordon asks Bear if he can pull the express today because he doesn't think any other engines are available. Then Bear agrees with Gordon and he took care of Gordon's express and Gordon will be sent to the works to feel much better. Bear loves enjoy pulling the express. Then he passes Steam Engine who watches him pulling the express. Steam Engine hated the diesels and then he crossly stromed off to tell the Mallard. Then Bear arrived at the Welsworth Station where Oliver was waiting. He told Oliver that Gorodn wasn't feeling well today so he pull the express for him. Oliver happyily told Bear that he was a really helpful engine and Bear was very happy and he thanked Oliver. Suddenly, a very angry Mallard raced next to him and she yells at Bear which makes him scared. Bear scaredly asks the Mallard what is wrong. The Mallard angrily stared at Bear who pulled the express. Bear told the Mallard that Gordon wasn't feeling well so he decided to pull the express for him. This made the Mallard very angry and she yells at Bear that she wasn't informed and was the controllor of this railway! Then Bear's driver came out and sternly asks the Mallard what is the problem. The angry Mallard yells at Bear's driver that he and Bear that drive decied to pull the express without asking her first. Oliver interrupts her that there are no other engines are available. The Mallard was furious with Oliver and she scolds him to mind of his own business. She yells at Bear really loud that she knows what Bear did and saw Gordon was feeling ill and thinks that the diesels can be better pulling the express than the steam engines. Bear doesn't want to be beatter than anyone. Sometimes he does pull the express and none of the other engines are available. And Oliver interrupts the Mallard agian that Bear does a great job of it too. This made the Mallard very cross, she scolds Oliver that one more word out of him and he will be spend and far of notice. Bear tries to tell the Mallard to listen to him, but she angrily yells at him. She scolds Bear that thy are lots of trucks need to be shunted at the Knaford Yards. Bear tries to explain the Mallard that he has been not yesterday but the Mallard yells at him again. Then Bear asks the Mallard what about the express. The Mallard tells Bear that she has to take care of the express and she sends him to shut the trucks at the Knaford Yards right away. She scolds him that she doesn't want him to pull the express again. Now poor Bear was humiliated and then he sadly left to shun the trucks. The The Mallard switched tracks to couple the express and then she crossly raced off to the Elsbridge.

Then the Mallard arrives at the Elsbridge and she wait impatinly for Percy. In minutes later he arrives and she was cross with him for being late. Percy explains the Mallard that the sheep was in his line. Then the Mallard suddenly sees the Works Diesel passed her. Percy told the Mallard that he lives in the Crovans Gate and does the jobs around the island and he doesn't have a name so all the engines call him the Works Diesel.

That night at the Tidmouth Sheds, poor Bear was feeling sad after the Mallard crossly scolds him this morning. Duck told Bear that Oliver told him it was terrible and Bear told Duck that the Mallard had made him small as the narrow gauge engine. Gordon told Henry that the proves that it was all coming true just as the Mallard arrives. This made Thomas and his friends, very cross! They scolds the Mallard about scolding Bear for pulling the express this morning. The Mallard tells Thomas that she was a controller of this railway which means she can do what every she wants and she calls Thomas a little toy train. Duck was cross and he calls the Mallard that she was a big bully. The Mallard agrees with Duck and she told him that he was a school playground and she told the engines that Bear had pull the express this morning and then she tells Gordon that he wants to share. Gordon was cross with her and he demands that he saw anything and he even tells that the Christmas sprits showed him from the last year. The Mallard started to laugh. She even tells Gordon he would go to the Sodor Museum. Gordon didn't like going to the museum because he remember that he was showed by the Ghost Engine of Christmas Yet-to-Come from last year. Then the Mallard puffed away and she begin to laugh after Gordon told her.

Midnight at the Great Waterton, Emily was all alone and she went to sleep just as the Mallard came to see her and she tells her that the other engines hated her. Emily was very sad. She thinks the Mallard was wrong and she thinks all of her friends love her because Emily is a beautiful girl steam engine. The Mallard had no choise for her. Emily thinks it was not true. Sadly, it was. The Mallard told Emily that she likes her and she would make her the most famous engine in the world. Emily gasped and shocked after the Mallard told her. She thinks that Sir Topham Hatt would come back with Edward soon. The Mallard tells Emily that she will be the controller of this engine and she tells Emily that she will be the number 1 engine. Emily feels sad after the Mallard told her and she asks the Mallard what about Thomas. The Mallard tells Emily that Thomas hates her because he thinks Emily is a bossy engine and the Mallard told Emily that Thomas and his friends do not need her and she told her to join her and Steam Engine. And she tells Emily that she will turn evil like Steam Engine and she puffed away to go back to the shed to go to sleep with Steam Engine. Now Emily begin to feel very sad and she had remember what the Mallard told her.

The next morning, poor Gordon was put in the mueseum. He was very sad. Next to Gordon was Mine Engine and Smudger. Smudger looks at Gordon and told him that it was going just fine. Gordon felt upset, he didn't like Smudger. Emily was colecting the passengers. The little boy and he told his mother that he hadn't see Emily before. His mother told her son that Emily is a new engine. Emily was feeling sad. Next to her was James who laughed at her because it was halaoures. Toby tells James it was not funny. Then Emily sadly left. The little boy asks his mother that they prtend to meet Emily until Wickem came to see them. That night, Emily sneaks the Tidmoth Shed and she listens to Thomas, Henry, James and Toby talking about her. James tells Thomas that Gordon was put into museum. James tells Toby that it was funny when he heard her saying that her name was Emily. Toby didn't like it at all. Henry happily told James that Emily is Sir Topham Hatt's engine! James agrees with Henry. This made Emily very angry and then she chuffs to the Mallard's sheds.

Late that night, the Mallard tells Steam Engine that the new diesels will come tomrrow morning. Steam Engine tells the Mallard he already had a plan to fegure out for him. The Mallard tells Steam Engine that nothing was happend to Diesel until she say so because she was not a controller yet and if another engine especily a diesel won't have accident it would give her a bad raputaion. Steam Engine refused to wait. The Mallard scolds Steam Engine to be patint. Steam Engine was the most patint engine in the England. Just then, Emily arrive and she stopoed in front of Steam Engine. Steam Engine whispered the Mallard and asks her why she choose Emily instead of James. The Mallard told Steam Engine that James was the original engines and he stays with his friends and she told Steam Engine that he chose Emily, so Steam Engine agrees with the Mallard. Then Steam Engine tells Emily that he had to be able to trust her and he will train her. Emily agrees with him. Now Steam Engine let Emily wait for the full moon to turn her evil like Steam Engine. Steam Engine tells Emily that her training shall begin, he will abuse her and then she will thank him, because Steam Engine told Emily to, and then he will tell her exacly what he think of her and then she will agree with him, because Steam Engine told Emily to, and from now on, Emily will referring to Steam Engine as her master and she referring the Mallard as the Great Mallard and he asks her if he make himself clear. Emily says "Yes, Steam Engine." to Steam Engine. This made Steam Engine very cross, he yells at Emily that he was going to repeated again and he crossly asks her if he make himself clear. Emily tries to apoligise to Steam Engine, but he still yells at her and demands her to answer the question and then Emily says "Yes, master." to Steam Engine. Steam Engine agrees with Emily and he was going to abuse her and he even tells her that her class were completed worthless, they're better off dead! Emily begin to feel nervous after she heard Steam Engine says dead. She agrees with him. Steam Engine tells Emily that she was dislike by many and hated by all. He tells her that she was the stirling engine and the stirling engines were chep copy of the Iron Duke's class and he tells Emily that she was nothing more that are old worthless peice of iron scrap and Emily agrees with Steam Engine. And for the whole night, Emily's training cotiuned and Steam Engine asks Emily who the allies are, Emily tells Steam Engine that she was friends with Steam Engine and the Mallard and he asks Emily who the enemies are and she even tells Steam Engine that she was the enemies with the Sodor Engines and all the diesels. And as the moon was finaily full, she was ready to turn evil like Steam Engine. Then Steam Engine asks Emily if her master was good or bad, Emily tells Steam Engine that he was good and he asks her if the Mallard was good or bad and Emily tells Steam Engine that the Mallard is good and then Steam Engine asks Emily if the Sodor Engines are good or bad, Emily tells Steam Engine that the Sodor Engines are not good or bad because they are all evil. After more hours of training, Emily is now evil! Steam Engine tells Emily that he and the Mallard are going to sleep soon because they have a big day tomrrow but not Emily, because she will stay awake all night long and she will sneak off to get her revenge on the Sodor Engines so Emily agrees with Steam Engine with her evil smile.

The next morning at the Knaford Station, when the Mallard waiting for the new diesels arrived, Wickem asks her about what happend to Emily and Steam Engine from last night. The Mallard told Wickem it was amazing where Steam Engine broke Emily. Just then, the new diesels arrived. Their names are Jim and Andy. The Mallard was pleased to see them, but not Steam Engine. He hates diesels, because he was the diesel hunter. He will show Jim and Andy who's boss. Then Jim and Andy set off.

Meanwhile, Andy arrives at the Welsworth Station and met up with Henry. He told Henry not to be sad because he and Jim are the friendly diesels in the world. Tonight when the works, he and Jim will have a nice long chat. Henry feels happy and then he chuffs off. One day, Duck was resting when he suddenly saw Emily chuffs next to him and she spoke evily to him that she had a message from the Great Mallard and she tells Duck that it was guarding him and his brachline, because she's going to name the branchline, Little Western 2: The Tidmouth Halt Branchline. Duck gasped and shocked. He begs Emily that she's wrong, unfortuntly, she's not. Emily also tells Duck that the Mallard was guarding her. Duck begs Emily that Oliver can't run on the brachline by himself. Emily evily tells Duck that she's going to spoke evily to Oliver too. She tells Duck that the Mallard has plans for her. In the mean time, she's giveing her a branchline and Emily is going to replace Duck. Duck begins to feel scared. He begs Emily that she can't replace him, but she wasn't listening to her and then she tells him to get off of the branchline. Duck's driver overheard Emily's evil words and he was very furious. Duck tells his driver to leave Emily alone and he tells her that Sir Topham Hatt will come back but Emily tells Duck that Sir Topham Hatt was not coming, and then she tells Duck to get lost! And then poor Duck chuffs sadly away and Emily laughs evily.

Later that afternoon, Steam Engine puts the truck over the viaduct where Jim and Andy were coming. He hated the diesels. Down on the bottom, Bertie was waiting for a new tires and he was very excited. Then he suddley heard a strange noice up on top. It was Jim and Andy who applied their breaks. They couldn't stop because they were very fast and then they crashed into the truck and they fall down from the viaduct and crashes into the building and then they explodes and evrything was terrible mess! All the villagers heard what happend around. The man phined for help and they had to get out of this place because the diesels will blow up! The news had sprided all over the Island of Sodor. All the engines were vere sad, but not 'Arry and Bert. They were very cross, because they heard what happed to Jim and Andy where Steam Engine had put the truck onto the viaduct. They had their angry plains to fight the Mallard, because they thinks she killed their best friend Diesel from a couple days ago.

At the Knaford Station, the sun was setting and the Mallard was in big trouble with a man named William who spoke sevirly to her about what happend to Jim and Andy who explodes the village. The Mallard thinks it was bad luck. William scolds the Mallard that it wasn't anything bad luck, because it was badly orginized. He crossly asks the Mallard why that Steam Engine put the truck onto the viaduct and on the same line that the express were coming though. And another thing, William scolds the Mallard that she heard that the mainland diesels would come after the days past, because they were going to pay for anthoer railway for the repairs and he scolds her that Sir Topham Hatt had been another railway a long time. Maybe too long, William was thinking ot the retire and making her a pure of the control. The Mallard begs William to give her another chance because she could put things right and giving time, she could make this best railway ever. William scolds the Mallard that she was on very thin ice and tells her to be a good day. After William crossly stormed off, Steam Engine tells the Mallard that the diesels had to crash and made her cross. He told her that the diesels got desiverd and the rest of the diesels would come. The Mallard scolds Steam Engine what he had done was stupid. Steam Engine tells the Mallard that the people means nothing to him and the people are all the scum of the earth. The Mallard doesn't want to trust Steam Engine again. Steam Engine tells her that he was always her master. He tells the Mallard that he stays in the meusem with, if it wasn't for Steam Engine, she will be a sad old engine. The Mallard tells Steam Engine that he was not her master anymore and then she left to her sheds.

The next morning, when Toby arrived at the Tidmoth Station to pick up the passengers, Steam Engine was there. He told Steam Engine what happend to Jim and Andy yesterday where the news had sprieded all over the Island of Sodor. Steam Engine tells Toby that it was devastated, if he had a heart, it would've bleed. Toby thinks it was okay. Steam Engine tells Toby that he shouldn't worry about it, with a plans that the Mallard has for him. Steam Engine tells Toby that all of the engines on this railway like to be really useful. Then Steam Engine had an evil plan for Toby and he tells him that he survies all of the steam engines very well, becuase Toby will be a good firewood! Toby was scared, he begs Steam Engine that he was wrong, sadly, Steam Engine isn't wrong, because he will sent Toby to the sawmill tonight. Then Steam Engine left with his evil laugh. Toby feels scared, he begs his driver that he doesn't want to go to the sawmill, and he begs him that they must run away. Toby's driver told Toby that they can't run away, because they would stay on Sodor, but Toby begs his driver that he heard what Steam Engine had said, he begs him that he doesn't want to turn into a firewood. Toby's driver agrees with Toby and his fireman uncoupled him from Henrettia and Toby went fast as his wheels would let him. Toby stopped over the bridge and called out to Percy and scaredly tells him that the Mallard wants him to turn into a firewood. Percy was worried and tells Toby that he wasn't stupid, because he thinks the Mallard wouldn't do that. Suddnely, Emily spoke evily to Percy! Percy was scared when he sees Emily's evil face. Toby calls Emily that he would come back when Sir Topham Hatt comes back but Emily evily tells Toby that Sir Topham Hatt was not coming and she tells him to run away and never return and poor Toby sadly left. Percy begin to cry. He asks Emily if Toby will be okay in the mainland, but Emily doesn't know about it and she tells Percy that the mainland diesel will do it poor Toby. After Emily's evil words went onto Percy, the news spreded all over the Island of Sodor and all the engines were sad about Toby who ran away and even Gordon. He heard what happed to Toby. Smudger overhearing Gordon and asks him what happend. Gordon tells Smudger that he wouldn't call him mad.

A couple of days later, Wickem came to see the Mallard who told her that Toby's driver and fireman are coming back on Sodor and he demands them to tell him where Toby is, but they refused to answer. The Mallard told Wickem to go back and tell Toby's driver and fireman that they're fired. Wickem agrees with her. The Mallard then told him that a new engine would come tomrrow.  The next morning at Knaford Station, all the engines were waiting for the new engine to arrive. The Mallard tells the other engines that since Jim and Andy were finaly explosed, a new engine would come who was just like the Mallard. At last, she arrived. Her name was Bittern. All the engines were suprised. They hadn't met her before. The next morning, Bittern was coupled the express to pick up the passengers. She met up with Henry and told him that his green paint was beautiful and Henry thanked her. He told Bittern that she was not like the Mallard. Then it was time for Bittern to go and she chuffed away. The express were very heavy, but Bittern was strong. She was enjoy herself and it was beautiful. Then she arrives at the Elsbridge Station and met up with Thomas. She was friendly to him. Thomas liked Bittern. He told her that she was not like the Mallard who told him that Henry told him early. Thomas was sad and told Bittern that poor Gordon was put in the Sodor Muesem by the Mallard and Bear also got scolded by the Mallard for pulling the express where Gordon wasn't feeling well from a couple days ago. BoCo called out to Bittern that the Mallard hates diesels where Diesel falls into the ditch after the Mallard killed him. And Jim and Andy had fell down from the viaduct which explodes after Steam Engine puts the truck onto it. Bittern told BoCo that she doesn't hate diesels, because she wants to help him.

Later that afternoon, Bittern arrived back at the Mallard's shed where Steam Engine, Emily and the Mallard were waiting. The Mallard asks Bittern if she was enjoy herself this morning, and Bittern did because it was lovely. The Mallard asks her if she sees lots of diesels. Bittern told the Mallard that she didn't see the diesels in sight. The Mallard tells Bittern that Emily was in a siding at the junction and she heard everything. Bittern tries to explain to the Mallard but she intrupts her with her anger. She was sick of her saying sister. Bittern asks the Mallard what was happend to her. First off, the diesels took over the rest of the railways, secondly, the Mallard was put in the museum, and thirdly, most of their A4 Locomotive class died and scrapped. But Bittern explained that there was seven of them left and it was terrible what happend to everyone else. The Mallard scolds Bittern that the one of them was her, and if she could go back in time and trade Bittern with their long lost classmate Silver Link, she wouldn't have a tate once. Bittern thinks the Mallard that she doesn't mean that. This made the Mallard very cross! As Bittern's punishment, the Mallard will take the express away from her. From now on, Henry was going to pull the express while he likes it and she scolds Bittern to go to work in the harbor and she tells Emily to tell Bittern excaicly what type of engine she really was and Emily agrees with the Mallard. Bittern sadly told Emily that she was the Mallard's spy. This made Emily cross. She talk back at Bittern that she was the Great Mallard's number 1 engine and she had her evil plan to get rid of Thomas forever. She tells Bittern that her master Steam Engine should trade her, just like he traded herself, and Steam Engine agrees with her. But Mallard disgrees with that, because trading would be to kind for Bittern, and she called her sister a diesel-lover to work in the harbour.

Over the couple of days later, poor Percy was put in the Sodor Museum for no reason at all. He felt very sad. Smudger calls the Mallard to keep Percy coming. Gordon crossly shuts Smudger up. Smudger calls Gordon a big daddy which makes Gordon very cross. And poor Bittern had to do her work at the harbor and the troublesome trucks were laughing and teasing her, and even Henry was pulling the express but he was worried about his health because he might not feel well.  One day, Thomas was sad, because he lost his two good friends. Toby ran away and Percy was put in the Sodor Museum. That afternoon, Thomas colect the trucks at the harbor whenhe shocked. He told Bittern that he hadn't seeing her from the days ago. Bittern sadly told Thomas that it was her punishment and she also told Thomas that Emily overheard her talking to him and BoCo at the Elsbridge Station and then she tells the Mallard all about her. Thomas thinks Emily wouldn't do that, but she was a horrible engine and friends with the Mallard and says that she would get rid of him forever and becomes a number 1 engine. Thomas gets very serious and tells Bittern that Emily was friendly, but he told her that Emily had saying a horrible things to Duck and she took over his job at the Little Western, and whenever she talk to Emily, she answer her in a very scary voice and Emily had a scary face. Thomas and Bittern begin to feel sad. They knew that Steam Engine, Emily, Mallard and Wickem would distroy Sodor. Thomas doesn't know where Toby was, because Toby will be into a firewood and Percy was put in the Sodor Museum. Thomas decided to talk to his driver tonight.

That night, Thomas sadly asks his driver if he knows Toby's driver and fireman because he doesn't know where Toby was. Thomas's driver knows and he will tries his best and he left. Next to Thomas was Daisy. He told her that Toby would turn into a firewood if he come back to Sodor. Daisy tells Thomas that the Mallard will like her. Thomas told Daisy that she was a diesel. However, the Mallard hates diesels. It was time for Thomas and Daisy to go to sleep. The next morning, Thomas's driver returns and he had a very good news. He told Thomas that Toby's driver and fireman are back on Sodor who told him that Toby was a place called the Cactus Railway. It was a small railway run by steam engines. It would take a few hours to go there because it was very far away. Before Thomas could go, he will go to the Sodor Museum to get Percy out. They would not go back to Sodor until Sir Topham Hatt returns with Edward. Thomas then tells Daisy to tell the Mallard that he took Percy to scrapyard.

At the Sodor Museum, Percy was still sad, because it was all his fault. No one can cheer him up. Then they suddenly heard a door open. It was Thomas, he came to tell Percy that he had a good news. He told him that Toby was at the Cactus Railway and they will not come back to Sodor until Sir Topham Hatt. Then Thomas and Percy were ready to go and Gordon told them to good luck. Just then, Bittern arrived. Gordon knows Bittern after he was showed by the Ghost Engine of Christmas Yet-To-Come from last year. Bittern told Gordon that she saw Thomas took Percy out of the museum. Gordon refused to tell Bittern where Thomas and Percy were until Smudger intrupts them. Smudger calls Bittern that Thomas took Percy to the Cactus Railway to be safe. Gordon was very angry with him! Then Bittern calls her driver that she had to find Thomas and Percy. Gordon tries to tell Bittern to leave Thomas and Percy alone, but she ignores him as she chuffs away to find Thomas and Percy. Smudger calls Gordon that Thomas and Percy brought on themselves. Gordon was very cross with Smudger and he yells at him to mind his own bisness. Smudger crossly argues with Gordon that he told all the time to be better engine and the engines do not lie and he told the truth and he thinks he's better than Gordon.

In the Mainland, on the way to the Cactus Railway, Thomas and Percy begin to feel tired and they stopped for a rest because the Cactus Railway was really far away. Suddenly, as Thomas and Percy were resting, Bittern arrvied! Percy was scared to see her. Thomas thinks that Bittern would take him and Percy back to Sodor after the Mallard send her, but she told Thomas that the Mallard doesn't know where she was because she had caused a lot of trouble on his railway. Thomas asks Bittern if she had a plan, she agrees with him and she sends him and Percy to go to the Cactus Railway and stay there and not go to the Sodor until she say so and she told her that she had a good older brother called Sir Nigel Gresley. Thomas and Percy were very happy. They hadn't heard of Sir Nigel Gresley before. Bittern told Thomas and Percy that she, Sir Nigel Gresley and another engine would come after the days past. Then she chuffs off to join Sir Nigel Gresley.

Meanwhile, back on Sodor, Steam Engine tells the Mallard that his driver saw something with his own eyes and Bittern was going cross the bridge that leads to the Mainland. Wickem explans the Mallard that there was reason of the exculamtion for all of this. Steam Engine thinks that Bittern ran away. The Mallard tells Steam Engine that Bittern follow Thomas and Percy and she sees him taking Percy to the scrapyard. She will go to the quarry to tell BoCo to go to the scrapyard tonight this afternoon.

Later that day, Thomas and Percy stopped in front of the points. They were almost in the Cactus Railway. The fireman changed the points and Thomas and Percy puffed off. They cross the bridge, passes the ruined castle, and the Subway Station and arrived at the engine sheds. They finaly arrived at the Cactus Railway. Then Thomas got a shock! There in the engine shed was Barney. Next to Barney was Toby. Toby had been just fine. A man came to meet Thomas and Percy. His name was Mr. Gallerhat. He was the controller of the Cactus Railway. Barney then tells Thomas and Percy that he had lots of friends. The yellow tender engine (who was just like James) was Tuck. He was the first ever engine to work on this railway. And next to Tuck was a diesel engine. Her name was Suit. She got that name because her job was fit enough for the coal hoppers. And there was another engine (who was just like Murdoch) named Tornado. He told Thomas that he was a famous engine and asks him if he can visit the Sodor. Thomas says he will when the Sodor gets normula. Barney tells Thomas that he heard that he had a lots of problems with the Mallard. Mr. Gallerhat then tells Thomas that he met the Mallard many years ago and she was nice and sweet down to earth engine. Then Thomas tells everyone that a long time ago, he met the Mallard at the Great Railway Show and she was nothing like that she had now. Then he begins a long story.

Back on Sodor, poor BoCo was sad after the Mallard told him to go to the scrapyard tonight. She bid him a good day and then she chuffs away. Just then, Bill and Ben arrived and asks BoCo what was happend. They asks BoCo if the Mallard showed him, unfortuntly, she didn't. BoCo then told Bill and Ben that Gordon and Percy were put in the Sodor Museum because the Mallard thought they aren't anymore. And she thinks BoCo wasn't useful anymore either, he was not going to the Sodor Musem, because he make go to the scrapyard tonight. Bill and Ben tried to tell BoCo not to go to the scrapyard, but he had no choice because it's time for him to go to the scrapyard tonight and it's time for him to say goodbye to him. Ben asks BoCo what about Sir Topham Hatt. BoCo sadly tells Bill and Ben that there was words spried around where the Mallard killed Diesel, because his death was not an accident and also that Jim and Andy explodes after they fell from the viduct and makes the village mess. They think the Mallard was ready to damage Sodor as much as she could before Sir Topham Hatt returns. Bill and Ben tells BoCo that the Mallard would not damage him because they will keep him safe until Sir Topham Hatt comes back and they told him that they aren't going to let evrything happend to him so BoCo agrees.

Back on the Cactus Railway after Thomas and Percy told them, all the engines were surprised. Toby couldn't beleive his eyes that Percy was put in the Sodor Muesem along with Gordon, Smudger and Mine Engine. Thomas told Mr. Gallerhat that Bittern will come with Sir Nigel Gresly return after the days passed and Mr. Gallerhat agrees. Thomas and Percy begin to hang out the Cactus Railway with Toby and their new friends. That night back on Sodor, the Mallard arrived at the quarry. She was very cross. She asks Mavis where the brothers grim, or the Flying Scottsman, or Cranky the Crane, or the Hunchback of Notre Dame. But she changed her mind and crossly asks Mavis where BoCo was. But Mavis doesn't where Bill, Ben and BoCo where. The Mallard was very cross and she had to hunt the entire railway tomrrow morning and she will find out. She may pay Bill and Ben out. Then she puffed crossly away from Mavis and she went back to her shed to sleep.

The next morning, all the engines were very busy. The Mallard was looking for BoCo until she stops in front of the points. She called out to BoCo. BoCo, Bill and Ben gasped when they heard the Mallard! BoCo knew that he would go to the scrapyard. Then Bill and Ben had an idea, they were ready to chase the Mallard. Wickem looked back, he gasped and shocked. He tells the Mallard that Bill and Ben would run into her. She chuffs away as fast as she can, but Bill and Ben were catching up with her. There was trouble ahead, the signal turn red to stop the Mallard and Wickem applied her brakes and at last the Mallard stops right in front of Oliver and Bill and Ben finaly stopped her. She was fuirous with Bill and Ben. They scolds her that they were playing hide and seek and she spiold her fun. Inside the sheds were 'Arry and Bert. They laugh at her which made her very cross. Later that day, Bill and Ben came to see BoCo. They told him that they have to move him to the diffrent place because the Mallard will find him. Then Bill tells BoCo that the diesels were in danger, so he and Ben are going to tell Mavis right away and all of the diesels decied to hide. So that afternoon, all the diesels told each other that they had to hid. They were very sad. Mavis tries to tell 'Arry and Bert that they had to hide, but they refused to go, because they want to fight the Mallard by theirselves and they will do it for Diesel.

Back on the Cactus Railway, Thomas asks Barney if this place was beautiful. Barney thanked him and Thomas tells Barney that he even have a subway. Barney told Thomas that was an old subway, it shut down from a couple years ago. No one can go in there. Suit then tells Thomas that the evil engines live down there and it's too dangerous to go in there. Then Barney chuffs away. Back on Sodor, the Mallard was still looking for BoCo, but suddnely in front of her, there was a flatbed where Bill and Ben had put and she was going to fast. Wickem applied the brakes, but it was too late. The Mallard came off the rails. Luckly, no one was hurt. Wickem asks the Mallard if she was okay. The Mallard tells Wickem to phone Steam Engine's driver at once and tell him to bring a breakdown train and telling him that Bill and Ben had played a tricks. But after the Mallard was repaired, she will take Bill and Ben to the Sodor Museum. But now, she was out of acton and all the engines were very happy and it's time for Duck to go back to Sodor and he was very happy. That night, Bear, Mavis, Salty, BoCo and the Works Diesel are going to hide. Finally, the diesels reached the old tracks and no one lives there. Then it started to rain. All the diesels were cold and wet. Salty misses the docks, and the sea, and everything. BoCo then told Salty that the Mallard found his first spot. He wishes the Mallard would not come. Salty told BoCo that the Mallard will be repaired after the days passed. If she would find them, all the diesels will stick together.

There was trouble back on Sodor! At Tidmouth Station, Steam Engine asks Wickem if he had a word of the missing Thomas, Percy and Bittern, but Wickem tells Steam Engine that he had a terrible news, because a group of the angry diesels are going to stop Mallard. However, Wickem had an idea, he made seven special and very powerful bombs to destroy Sodor, and he told Steam Engine that tomorrow, that they had to closed the railway down. Soon, Emily spoke up about her being the Number 1 engine. But Steam Engine, angrily yelled at her that the plan was flushed down the toilet long ago, called her an egnarig piece of junk, that she wasn't grateful and not part of it, and finally he yelled at her about she like their plan or not. Emily says that she likes because, all the engines and people don't like her. Steam Engine argeed with her, he but said that it would be ashamed that Thomas, Percy, Toby, and Bittern will miss the big boom of Sodor. As Steam Engine left, Emily soon realized that she was wrong, gulity, and was brain-washed by him.

Meanwhile, on The Catcus Railway. Thomas, Percy, Toby, Barney, Tuck, Suit, Tornado, and Mr. Gallerhat greets Bittern, Sir Nigel Gresley, and the other engine was their brother, Union Of South Africa. But before they could go to Sodor, they have to make a plan.

Meanwhile, on Sodor. Steam Engine and Wickem, have finished planting the bombs. As they left, Emily sit alone at the sheds, feeling all gulity, as her driver arrived and told her, why she felt all gulity, and her driver decided to call the police. But Emily warn him, that if the police find out, Wickem will push the button to explode. So instead, her driver decided to call Thomas' Driver.

Back on The Cactus Railway. Thomas explain to Union Of South Africa, why Bittern looked him, but he said that he, work with his brother Sir Nigel Gresley.



  • Tidmouth Sheds
  • Brendam Docks
  • The Quarry
  • Tidmouth
  • Seaside Beach
  • Great Waterton
  • Crovan's Gate
  • Wellsworth
  • Sodor Museum
  • Cactus Railway
  • Elsbridge


Main Protagonist

  • Thomas


  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Barney
  • Tuck
  • Tornado
  • Bittern
  • Sir Nigel Gresley
  • Union of South Afrcia

Main Antagonist

  • Steam Engine
  • Mallard (Reformed)
  • Wickem
  • Emily (brefley)


  • This movie shares similarity with Thomas and the Magic Railroad in where Sir Topham Hatt is away and Sodor is left in the hands of an engine.
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower and Dominion Of Canada were only mentioned by Sir Nigel Gresley, before their introduction in The Great Gathering.


  • When Emily listens to Thomas, Henry, James and Toby talking about her, James's tender is missing.
  • Duck should not be able to tell his driver to leave Emily alone after his driver was angry with Emily when he heard Emily's evil words.
  • Steam Engine's nose is missing in Part 6.
  • It could be dangerous for Bear to pass Steam Engine.
  • Captain should not be able to go to the beach while the people and children were surfing.
  • Gordon should be sad, not happy when Edward said "I will miss you, guys."
  • James is in Duck's spot next to Duck in Gordon's spot when the Mallard is happy and when Mallard is cross, Duck is in his spot next to Gordon.
  • Wickem says that Diesel hadn't hear them, but Diesel already heard the Great Mallard's plans.
  • Thomas says that he feel sorry for Wickem after he died, but Wickem is evil and this was maybe because of they were telling jokes together at Great Waterton.
  • A brakevan should be added Thomas's train.
  • Gordon says "Please don't be away too long!" to Sir Topham Hatt, but it's too late to see Sir Topham Hatt because he already left.
  • Steam Engine's crew should have stopped from Steam Engine from doing bad things.
  • Mallard says that Wickem should tell Toby's driver and fireman that they're fired, but Mallard cannot fire them.
  • Thomas should move back when the the fireman changed the points.
  • It was not explained what happend to Steam Engine's driver and fireman when Wickem drived Steam Engine.
  • When Steam Engine pushes Spencer out of his way, his wheels are moving forwards.
  • It's too dangerous for the people to stay down from the turntable.
  • When Thomas and Percy chuffs towards the Cactus Railway after the went the points, Thomas's front wheels as derailed.
  • Thomas' crew will get seriously hurt when Steam Engine derails poor Thomas with a flatbed after Barney bumps behind him.


Part 1

  • Narrator: Hello, I would like to tell you a story about trains.
  • Sir Topham Hatt:
  • Thomas:
  • Percy:
  • Toby:
  • James:
  • Gordon:
  • Sir Topham Hatt:
  • Percy:
  • James:
  • Toby:
  • Edward:

Part 2

  • Narrator: The next day, James was waiting at the junction for Thomas... just as he arrived.
  • James: My goodness! You're early today, Thomas! You haven't kept me waiting too long!
  • Thomas: Oh, I have to be early, James. We all have to when the Mallrad in charge.

Part 3

  • Diesel: Oh no! Help! Someone, please!

Part 4

  • Skarloey: Not long now until the Mallard comes to Crovens Gate to meet us!
  • Peter Sam: Oh, I'm very excited, Skarloey! I'm sure she would think we are wonderful!
  • Narrator: Minutes later, the Mallard arrived.

Part 5

  • Bear: Why, M-M-Mallard, what's wrong?
  • Mallard: What's wrong? Well, let's see. A: This is the express. And B: You're pulling it!
  • Bear: But Gordon wasn't feeling well, so I told him I pull it for him.
  • Mallard: Gordon wasn't feeling well? And you decided to pull it for him. I wasn't informed! I'M THE CONTROLLER OF THIS RAILWAY!!!
  • Narrator: Then Bear's driver came out.
  • Bear's Driver: Excuse me, Mallard, but what's the problem?
  • Mallard: The problem is, that you and that diesel you drive decided to pull the express without asking me first!
  • Oliver: Maybe there was no other engines available, Mallard! Have you not thought of that?!
  • Mallard: Mind your own busnises, Great Western Engine! I wasn't speaking to you! I know what you did, you saw Gordon on well!? Then said "I know, I'll pull the express and be better than all of the steam engines!"
  • Bear: I don't want to be better than anyone! Sometimes I do pull the express and none of the other engines are available!
  • Oliver: And he does a great job of it, too!
  • Mallard: One more word out of you, and you will be a spended until the fair of notice! Do I make myself clear?
  • Bear: Listen, Mallard, I was-
  • Mallard: SILENCE!!!! Now, in Knapford Yards, there are trucks that need shunted.
  • Bear: But I've been not yester-
  • Mallard: DID IT AGAIN!!!!!!
  • Bear: But what about express?
  • Mallard: I will pull the express, don't you worry about that. Now off to the yards right away! Now, I must never see you coupled on to the express again! Do I make myself clear?
  • Bear: (sadly) Yes... Mallard.

Part 6

  • Narrator: The next morning, poor Gordon was put in the Sodor Musuem.
  • Mine Engine: Hello, Gordon, welcome to the musuem.
  • Smudger: Hello, Gordon! Remember me? I've got the view and we're going to get along just fun!
  • Gordon: Oh, the indignity!

Part 7

  • 'Narrator: 'The new diesel arrived at Welsworth Station.
  • 'Andy: 'Hello, my name's Andy.
  • 'Henry: 'Oh, hello. My name's Henry.
  • 'Andy: 'Don't
  • 'Henry:'
  • 'Andy: 'Friendly?
  • 'Henry:'
  • 'Emily:'
  • 'Duck:' Oh, what is it, Emily?
  • 'Emily:'
  • 'Duck: 'Beg
  • 'Emily:'
  • 'Duck: 'No! You're wrong!
  • 'Emily:'
  • 'Duck: 'But...
  • 'Emily:'
  • 'Duck: 'What? You?!
  • 'Emily:'
  • 'Duck: 'What? You're replacing me?! You can't!
  • 'Emily:'
  • 'Narrator: 'Duck's driver was very cross!
  • 'Duck: 'Just leave it, driver. Wait until the Fat Controller returns, he will put everything right.
  • 'Emily:'
  • 'Duck: 'It's not fair! (sadly away from Emily)
  • 'Emily: 'Goodbye, ducky! Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack! (evil laughing)
  • 'Steam Engine: 'That diesel will pay! (evil laughing)
  • 'Mecanic: '
  • 'Bertie:'
  • 'Mecanice:'
  • 'Bertie: 'Oh, that is great! (then he hears the break noise) What?! Hey! What's that noise?!
  • 'Macanic: 'What's going on?!
  • 'Jim and Andy: '...(Jim and Andy bumps into a truck and fell down onto the ground and crash into the village and crashing the houses and then they both explodes)
  • 'Man 1: 'Is...
  • 'Man 2: 'No
  • 'Man 1: '(talking on the cell phone) Hello, is there emergecy
  • 'Narrator: 'News about the crash spreted all around the Island.
  • 'Bert: 'Since the Mallrad has taken charce of the railway, there has been two crashes already, and both the crashes have been diesels!
  • 'Arry: 'You know something, Bert, I heard somewhere that the Mallrad doesn't like us diesels! So what if those two crashes, were derlibret?!
  • 'Bert: 'So if what you're saying is true, Arry, then that means one thing?!
  • 'Arry: 'What's that?!
  • 'Bert: 'That means that... the Mallrad... killed Diesel!
  • 'Arry: 'It make me wonder! Which one of us is next?!
  • 'Narrator: 'Later that day, the Mallrad was in serious trouble!
  • 'William: 'Mallard! What is going on?! First off, when you came to this railway, an engine immediatley died! And now, two more are seriously damged!
  • 'Mallrad: 'William, I wish I had an answer for you, but all I can say is possibly bad luck.
  • 'William: 'Bad luck?! No, Mallrad! It is anything but bad luck! I'll tell you what it is! It is badly organized! Tell me, why would an engine exceeding the engine sitting right beside you, leave a truck, in the middle of the viaduct! And on the same line that the express train was coming through!
  • 'Mallard: 'I'm... I'm sorry, William! Seriously I am!
  • 'Willaim: 'Another thing, you heard them diesels from another railway! And we're gonna have to PAY that lot of the railway for the repairs! You know something, Mallard, th- Sir Topham Hatt has been on this railway a long time! Maybe too long! So I was thinking of that retire and making you pro-german controller! Oh, how wrong was I?!
  • 'Mallard: 'Oh, please, William! Give me another chance! I can put things right and giving time I can make myself the best railway ever! Even beter than Sir Topham Hatt's seria! Please!
  • 'Willaim: Uhh, I'll talk to the rest of the railway borad. But, Mallard, I want you know something... you're on very, thin, ICE! Now I bid you a good day!
  • Steam Engine: Mallard, listen...
  • Mallard: You idiot! You incompentent idiot!!
  • Steam Engine: That diesel had to crash! It had to!
  • Mallard: I told you to be patient!
  • Steam Engine: Well it's done now! The diesels got one of the decirved! And soon the rest of this railway will too!
  • 'Mallard:'
  • Steam Engine: You worry about people?! Puh! People mean nothing to me! People are all the scum of the earth!

Part 8

  • 'Narrator: 'The next morning, Toby went to the Tidmoth Station to pick up passengers. Steam Engine was in the other track.
  • 'Toby: 'Oh, Steam Engine, it was a terrible what happend to that poor diesel yesterday.
  • 'Steam Engine: 'Oh, it was devil stating. If I had a heart, it would have blead.
  • 'Toby: 'Oh, I hope it's okay. It really does upset upstating engine crash like that.
  • 'Steam Engine: 'Oh, you shouldn't worry about that, Toby. With the plans that the Mallard has for you.
  • 'Toby: 'What sort of plans?
  • 'Steam Engine: 'Well, I heard that all you engines on this railway, like to be really useful. Well, you're gonna be really useful indeed, Toby. You will survie all of us steam engines very well. Because you're going make good... FIREWOOD!!! (evil laughing)
  • 'Toby: 'What?! Oh no, you're wrong! S-Steam Engine, you're wrong!
  • 'Steam Engine: 'Sadly, I'm not, Toby! Tonight, you must go to the sawmill!
  • 'Narrator: 'Then Steam Engine left.
  • 'Toby: 'I don't want to go to the sawmill, driver! Please! Please, we must run away!
  • 'Toby's Driver: 'We can't run away, Toby.
  • 'Toby: 'But you heard what Steam Engine said! Please, I don't want to be turn into a firewood!
  • 'Toby's Driver: 'But why will we go, Toby?
  • 'Toby: 'I don't know, but please, take me off Sodor! I can't stay here! Please!
  • 'Toby's Driver: 'Uhh, uh, okay, Toby.
  • 'Narrator: 'So Toby's fireman uncouple him from Henritta, and Toby raced away as fast as his wheels let him.
  • 'Toby: 'Stop me, driver! Stop me here! (Toby's driver stops Toby) Percy!
  • 'Percy: 'W-what's wrong, Toby?
  • 'Toby: 'Percy, I'm leaving! The Mallard wants to turn me into a firewood!
  • 'Percy: 'What? Don't be stupid, Toby! The Mallard would never do that!
  • 'Narrator: 'Emily was collecting trucks for her new branch line and she overheard everything.
  • 'Emily: 'Percy. I'm afraid what Toby says it's true.
  • 'Percy: 'What? Why would the Mallard do someone like that?
  • 'Emily: 'Well I just overheard, She just said that Toby is much more useful in a fireboxes.
  • 'Toby: 'I must run away. And get far away from this until the Fat Controller comes back.
  • 'Emily: 'Toby, there's no way that the Fat Controller is never returning.
  • 'Percy: 'Oh no!
  • 'Emily: 'Toby, run! Run away! And never return!
  • 'Narrator: 'And then Toby raced away.
  • 'Percy: '(begin to cry) He's gone! T-Toby's gone! Do you think he'll be okay in the mainland, Emily?
  • 'Emily: 'Well, I don't it, Percy, I mean Toby
  • 'Narrator: 'Soon, everyone heard about Toby.
  • 'Thomas: 'He's away! My best friend's away!
  • 'Gordon: 'Toby run away. That happen as well.
  • 'Smudger: 'What happend as well, Gordon?
  • 'Gordon: 'If I tell you, you won't laugh and call me mad.
  • 'Narrator:'A couple of days later Wickham came to see the Mallard.
  • 'Wickham:'Toby's driver and fireman were back on Sodor. I demanded them to tell me where Toby is. But they didn't say a thing.
  • 'Mallard:'Well in that case, Wickham. Go back and tell them, that they are fired.
  • 'Wickham:'What ever you say great Mallard!
  • 'Mallard:'Anyway, let's forget about Toby. Tomorrow, the new express engine arrives.
  • 'Wickham:'Will give us a clue great Mallard?
  • 'Mallard:'No. You will have to wait and see like everyone else.
  • 'Narrator:
  • Mallard:Now, Ladies, Gentlemen, and Engines. Now due to that

Part 9

  • Narrator: Over the next couple of days, poor Percy was put in the Sodor Museum for no reason at all!
  • Smudger: Oh, the museum is further the feeling up now! Keep him coming, Mallard, keep him coming!
  • Gordon: Oh, would you please SHUT UP!?
  • Smudger: Oh, sorry, Big Daddy!
  • Gordon: Never call me that again!

Part 10

  • Mallard: Are you sure about this, Steam Engine?!
  • Steam Engine: My driver saw it with his own eyes! Bittern going to cross the bridge that leads to the mainland!

Part 11

  • Narrator: So that day, all the diesel told each other that they had to hide. They were very upset.
  • Mavis: C'mon, guys, please! You have to!
  • Arry: We're not cowards! If you want to hide, just go and hide for all we care!
  • Bert: We will fight the Mallard all by ourselves! We will do it for Diesel!
  • Arry: For Diesel!
  • Arry and Bert: For Diesel!!
  • Narrator:
  • Thomas:
  • Barney:
  • Thomas:
  • Barney:
  • Suit:
  • Barney:
  • Narrator: Then Barney left. Back on Sodor, the Mallard was up to no good.
  • Mallard:
  • Wickem: Well, I don't know, Great Mallard.
  • Mallard: I think this is where BoCo's hiding.
  • Wickem: Should we surprise him, Great Mallard?
  • Mallard:
  • Narrator:
  • Mallard: Oh my!
  • Wickem: Great Mallard! Nooooo!!
  • Mallard: (coughing) Wickem? Wickem! Where are you?!
  • Wickem: (still alive) Oh, I'm okay, Great Mallard! What about you?
  • Mallard: What do you think I'm off the rails?! And now I'm going have to go to the repair yard for goodness sake!
  • Wickem: Oh, is there anything I can do help, Great Mallard?
  • Mallard: Yes, you must phone Steam Engine's driver at once, and tell him to bring the breakdown train, and tell him that those twins have played a trick! But, until I repaired, they must be put in the museum, because I want to see them get melted down!
  • Wickem: Oh, whatever you say, Great Mallard.
  • Narrator: The Mallard was out of action, and all the engines were very happy! And that night, the diesels went to hide. They hidden in the old side in deep in the valley, and then it started to rain.
  • Bear: This is terrible.
  • Mavis: I'm afawl cold and wet.
  • Salty: Ah, me too, Mavis. I miss the docks. I miss the sea. Enphect, I miss everything.
  • BoCo: The Mallard found my first hide in spot. I hope she doesn't find us here.
  • Salty: Well, it'll be a couple of days until she is repaired. But even if she does find us, we must stick together.
  • Narrator: And all the diesels agreed. Days passed, and work continued as useilly on the railway. And Steam Engine wondered where Thomas, Percy and Bittern were. But Thomas, Toby and Percy were helping out on the Cactus Railway. They were enjoy themselves, but they were still worried about Sodor. But that night, Mr. Gallerhat arrived with good news.
  • Mr. Gallerhat: Guys, I have recived brillaint news. Tommorrow, Bittern, Sir Nigel Gresley, and another engine will arrive on the railway.
  • Thomas: Oh, brillaint! That is just brillaint!
  • Percy: I wonder who the other engine is.
  • Mr. Gallerhat: They didn't say. So tommorrow, we will all greet them when they arrive. This is gonna be a special day for the Cactus Railway.
  • Toby: Can I just say that you looked after me when I was lost, and thank you, and I will miss you guys when we leave?
  • Percy: Oh, we will. Thank you very much for letting us stay.
  • Mr. Gallerhat: Oh, no problem! The privelige is ours, Percy!
  • Narrator: There was trouble back on Sodor!
  • Steam Engine: Any word on the missing Thomas, Percy and Bittern, Wickem?
  • Wickem: No, silent at all, Steam Engine! But I have some terrible news!
  • Steam Engine: What sort of bad news?
  • Wickem:
  • Wickem:
  • Steam Engine: Do you have a plan, Wickam?
  • Wickem:
  • Steam Engine: How powerful are these bombs?
  • Wickem: Oh, the very powerful. I mid to myself. I'm the metal genius.
  • Steam Engine: So we blow up Sodor, eh? With the diesels on it? Heh, heh, heh! Very good idea, Wickem!
  • Wickem:
  • Steam Engine: That means the Sodor, all those engines and all those people, will be blowin' the bits! Ha, ha, ha! I like it, Wickem!
  • Wickem:
  • Steam Engine: Shhhh! Keep your voice down, Wickem! Look!
  • Emily: Oh, I wouldn't worry about her, Master, that's Daisy, her man's always in the clouds.
  • Steam Engine: Why isn't she hiding?
  • Emily: You know, Master, I have asked her to say thing today, and she said that Mavis asked her that they had hide somewhere, but she said no, because she thinks the Mallard would like her. Heh! What a joke!
  • Steam Engine: Well, she and the cowardly diesels will parrish with the rest of the island. Heh, heh!
  • Wickem: Right, Steam Engine, there's 7 bombs, and I will put them each in a vant van, and then we will plant them all around the railway. But there is problem, we must do it tonight. And tommorrow, we will have to close the railway.
  • Steam Engine: Close the railway? Very well, then!
  • Emily: But there's just one problem! What about me become the No. 1 Engine?
  • Steam Engine: OH, FORGET ABOUT BEING NUMBER ONE  ENGINE!!!! THAT PLAN WAS FLUSHED DOWN THE TOILET LONG AGO!!!!!!! You ignered peice of junk!!! You should be greatful that we are including you in all of this!!! Actulley, Emily, what do you think about the plan to blow up Sodor?! Do you like it?! Or do you not?!
  • Emily:
  • Steam Engine: Very well! Now, come on, Wickem! We have got work to do! You know what's the real shame that Toby, Thomas, Percy and Bittern are gonna miss the big bang! (chuffs away)
  • Emily: (turning into a good and become beautiful again when she's sad) Are those 

Part 12

  • Narrator: All the engines went back to the sheds.
  • Thomas: Union of South Afrcia, did Bittern go and look for you as well?
  • Union of South Afrcia: No, I was work and closely to where Sir Nigel Gresley was. And the Bittern told him what is going on, I thought I come and help as well.
  • Thomas: What about Spencer? Have you not seen him?
  • Sir Nigel Gresley: Spencer? Hmm, Spencer doesn't care about us. All he cares about is being the private engine of the Duke and Duchess of Boxford. That engine is a 100% selfish, he cares about no one, but himself.


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