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This is the official Fan wiki on the band called The Rising Fallen. I love their music but I hate them, and here's the reason: I have never been able to see them play live because they always cancel their gigs at the last minute and then they don't even refund us our money.

The Band

Françoise Kelly, lead singer - hot, but kind of a prig

Grandma Moe, drummer - she looks nice, but I heard she killed someone once with her drum sticks

Taylor Taylor, lead guitar, ukelele, - I don't know something about the ukelele, so sexy

Jacko, bass, synth, - for a bass player a little dorky, for a synth player very cool

Mr. Mike, dancer and management - ya the band has a "dancer" - the one time I managed to actually get into the same room with the band down at this dive in Greenpoint, the jerk actually tried to hit on me and when I passed he wouldn't let me anywhere near them. He kept using this bump & grind move to block me. Such a freak.


They are from New York Based.

They started playing together 7 years ago.


that I have been able to gather

Singles - Zandar Records

1998: the give-up gut, 12 sticks, come over here and say that, the give-up gut (re-release), break the dog, my girl’s suicide, right?, creosote, murder song, shell, the lot of ‘em
1999: don’t wince, test product
2005: come over here and say that (re-release), she know it now, shell (re-release)
2006: the give-up gut (re-re-release)

Albums - Zandar Records

1999: test product
2006 :the early shit
J & M & Francoise

album cover

Places in New York I know they have cancelled at the last minute because I tried to go see them.

Petes Candy Store, CBGBs closing bash, Mercury Lounge, Bowery Ballroom, Arlenes Grocery, Northsix, Knitting Factory, Cake shop.

Music Vidoes


the lot of 'em:

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