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The Rising Stars are a supergroup based in the Guardian Server of the US City of Heroes. The group was formed on the twenty-first of June, 2007 and has since been growing. The main goal of the supergroup is to enhance the gaming experience of the players by friendship and "playful hero banter."


The founder of The Rising Stars is commonly known as either Twiggy or Jane. Additionally, other founding leaders of the supergroup include Ardentia, LightBlack, Marvel, and Young Hero. There has been a constantly expanding player base in City of Heroes and so the membership is subject to change at any time, as with all supergroups, based upon inter-member relations and the number of positions available. Alternate characters are always welcome to join the supergroup but it is asked that they are logged into so that their ranks don't fall.


Members of the supergroup are not required to do too much. All members are required to play in supergroup mode until levels thirty-four and up, when they have to choose between either prestige or influence. Members do not have to wear the supergroup colors (blue and white) though it is requested that the supergroup emblem be used.


Please feel free to include information about your own characters and other information that you think is relevant about the supergroup after you create your own account!

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