The Ritchie Movie is a fan-fiction film created by Pikachufreak.


  • The movie starts with Ritchie waking up at 7:00am. Hurrying downstairs, he meets Misato Katsuragi and Eikichi Onizuka who just prepared some waffles. After eating them, Ritchie heads outside and meets Eddy, Professor Westwood, Scott Summers, Zee and Todd Snap. Together they sing Hip It Up. In Florinda and Tamao's room, they have just put their normal outfits on and head for the garden, only to find it in a wreck. The two clean it up in fast motion and they finish. In Diana's room, she has just wore her normal outfit and is ready to go as Towa advises to her. In Rita Sasaki's room, she has just put on her Ski Bunny Blues outfit and opaque white pantyhose and she goes to where both Molly Wei and Suzie Chan are. Somehow in Samurai's room, he is practicing dance lessons with Macy and singing Rock This World. Tommy and His Parents watch in amazement. Meanwhile in Mike's room, she receives a message from Assunta, Neesha, Ro Rowen and Duplica and she hurries outside. Not noticing Attila and Hun. Back outside, Eddy meets Ed and Double D whose girlfriends are Jody Irwin and Ophelia Ramirez. The Eds make alliances and they go into action. Not noticing Kevin and Lu. Somehow in Karin Kanzuki's room, she and Cody Travers meet R. Mika and Charlie Nash who tell them that every fighter in the world makes a deal. Lovely White, Spike Spiegel, Elliot Grant, Chiro, Ren, Anne Chan and Ioz are holding a promotion. Back in Todd's room, Marcellus is watching Fimbles and he likes it. Trixie appears and knows that her son is doing great. However, Harrison and Lisa are in for plot. Back in Florinda and Tamao's room, they have worn their HB outfits and opaque pink pantyhose and they shoelessly sing Being Pretty and Gorgeous. Potter and Rex Owen clap in joy when they arrive. Outside, Sonya Blade and Jax are dancing when Chun-Li and Guile make appearances. They tell them that the prom is starting tonight and the two agree. That night, the prom begins and Ritchie is shown singing Karaoke Style. Dick, Phillip, Sakaki and Koyomi Mizuhara are watching them when Lee Kanker, Marie Kanker and May Kanker, Eddy's enemies make an arrival. Eddy stops The Kankers and saves the day. Soon, the film finishes with Diana kissing Ritchie on his cheek.


  1. Ritchie
  2. Misato Katsuragi
  3. Eikichi Onizuka
  4. Eddy
  5. Professor Westwood
  6. Scott Summers
  7. Zee
  8. Todd Snap
  9. Florinda Showers
  10. Tamao
  11. Diana
  12. Rita Sasaki
  13. Molly Wei
  14. Suzy Chan
  15. Samurai
  16. Macy
  17. Tommy
  18. Tommy's Parents
  19. Mike
  20. Assunta
  21. Neesha
  22. Ro Rowen
  23. Duplica
  24. Attila
  25. Hun
  26. Ed
  27. Double D
  28. Jody Irwin
  29. Opheila Ramirez
  30. Kevin
  31. Lu


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