N-TV Home Video Retail VHS of "The Road to El Dorado" (2000)

from DreamWorks Home Entertainment and N-TV Home Video

Print Date: December 12th, 2000. (Reprint Date with new and improved Full-Screen version: Christmas Eve 2000)


  1. Black Screen
  2. Macrovision Quailty Protection logo
  3. Warning Screen
  4. DreamWorks Home Entertainment logo
  5. N-TV Home Video logo
  6. "Coming to Theaters" screen
  7. The Emperor's New Groove trailer
  8. "Finding Forrester" trailer
  9. "Shrek" teaser
  10. "Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius" teaser
  11. "Coming to Videocassette and DVD" screen
  12. "Dinosaur" VHS and DVD trailer
  13. "Lady & the Tramp 2: Scamp's Adventure" trailer
  14. "The Trumpet of the Swan" trailer
  15. "Now Available on Videocassette and DVD" screen
  16. Fix-it-Films Pictures logo (1999-2002 version)
  17. "Galaxy Quest" VHS trailer (Fix-it-Films Pictures -7 Pitch Dub)
  18. "X-Men" trailer (Fix-it-Films Pictures -7 Pitch Dub)
  19. Fix-it-Films Pictures logo (1999-2002 version) again (ending)
  20. "Titan A.E." VHS and DVD trailer
  21. "Franklin and the Green Knight" trailer
  22. "Thomas and the Magic Railroad" VHS and DVD trailer
  23. "Chicken Run" trailer
  24. "Casper's Haunted Christmas" trailer
  25. "Joseph: King of Dreams" trailer
  26. "The Land Before Time 7: The Stone of Cold Fire" trailer
  27. "Air Bud: World Pup" VHS and DVD trailer
  28. "Muppets from Space" trailer
  29. "The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland" VHS and DVD trailer
  30. "Stuart Little" Trailer
  31. "Heavy Metal 2000" Trailer
  32. "Stay tuned, for a special presentation, after the movie." screen
  33. N-TV Feature Presentation bumper
  34. Universal/DreamWorks Warning Screen
  35. "This film has been modified" screen
  36. DreamWorks Pictures Logo
  37. Start of Film


  1. Last Bit of End Credits
  2. DreamWorks Pictures Logo (still)
  3. "And now, the special presentation."
  4. Elton John's "Someday Out of the Blue" Music Video
  5. "You can get The Road to El Dorado on Video and DVD" message
  6. Macrovision Quality Protection logo (again)
  7. DreamWorks Home Entertainment logo (again)
  8. N-TV Home Video Warning Screen
  9. Black Screen.

That's All.

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