RockyandBullwinkleMovies' Movie-Spoof of the 2000 Disney Films, "The Emperor's New Groove" March 20 2012


  • Rodney Copperbottom (from Robot's) as Kuzco (Humen)
  • Diego (from Ice Age) as Kuzco (Liama)
  • Manny (from Ice Age) as Pacha
  • Mother Gothel (from Tangled) as Yzma
  • Papa Smurf (from The Smurf's) Kronk
  • Ellie (from Ice Age) as Chicha
  • Peaches (from Ice Age) as Chaca
  • Dumbo as Tipo
  • Rocky the Flying Squirrel (from The Advenutres of Rocky And Bullwinkle) as Bucky the Squirrel
  • Snow White (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs), Cinderella Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) Wendy (Peter Pan) Melody (The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea) and Alice (Alice in Wonderland 1951) as Brides
  • Old Man as Himself
  • Toodee (from Yo Gabba Gabba!) as Yzma as a Cat
  • Sid (from Ice Age) as Theme Song Guy
  • Brer Fox (from Song of the South) as 3rd Guard
  • Boris (from Balto) as Bouncing Owner
  • Aunt Fanny (from Robot's) as Mudka's Waitress
  • Po (from Kung Fu Panda) as Mudka's Chef

Scene Index:

1. Opening/"Perfect World"

2. Manny's Arrival/Robot's Advisor

3. Rodneytopia

4. Gothel's Revenge

5. A Diabolical Dinner

6. Finshing the Job

7. Manny Return Home

8. Demon Saver Tooth Tiger

9. Into the Jungle/Manny to the Rescue

10. The Transition of Power

11. Battle at the Bridge

12. In Hot Pursuit

13. Mudka's Meat Hut

14. A Saver Tooth Tiger Alone/Friends, Finally

15. Playtime at Manny's House

16. The Chase

17. Gothel Confronts Rodney (aka Diego)

18. A Mix-Up of Vials

19. Gothel's Cat-Dragon Form

20. A Whole New Groove

21. End-Credits (Part 1; "My Funny Friend and Me")

22. End-Credits (Part 2)

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