• Eric (Thomas Spanner)
  • Thomas (Robert L Scarer)
  • Kyle (John Lysin)
  • Nicki (Jessica Narie)
  • Jake (Jim Ward)
  • Finn (Kevin Jones)
  • Gumball Watterson (Rick E Hobert)
  • Darwin Watterson (Davis Bold)
  • Dr Tim (Lil Seek)


Martin L Donner Productions LLC

Broken Mountain Entertainment

Williams Street Productions

Cartoon Network Skul


  • United States: Adult Swim
  • Canada: Teletoon At Night, Adult Swim
  • French: Adult Swim, 2x2
  • UK And Ireland: Adult Swim
  • Sweden: Adult Swim, 2x2
  • Germany: Comedy Central
  • Dutch: 2BE Jim
  • Australia: 2x2

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