The Roger Rabbit King 1/2

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  • Timon - Baby Herman [Who Framed Roger Rabbit]
  • Pumbaa - Roger Rabbit [Who Framed Roger Rabbit]
  • Ma - Gadget Hackwrench [Chip 'n Dale]
  • Uncle Max - Monterey Jack [Chip 'n Dale]
  • Rafiki - Genie [Aladdin]
  • Mufasa - Gaston [Beauty and the Beast]
  • Zazu - Fievel [An American Tail]
  • Young Simba - Tiger [An American Tail]
  • Adult Simba - Wylie Burp [An American Tail Fievel Goes West]
  • Nala - Miss Kitty [An American Tail Fievel Goes West]
  • Scar - Horned King [The Black Cauldron]

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