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The Main Series

The Thieves of Ostia

June, AD 79 Flavia, daughter of Marcus Flavius Geminus: Sea Captain, investigates the mysterious murders of dogs on her street with her new friends: Jonathan, her Jewish next-door neighbor; Nubia, an African Slave; and Lupus, a mute beggar boy.

The Secrets of Vesuvius

August, AD 79 Flavia and her friends leave Ostia to spend the remainder of the summer with Flavia's uncle, Gaius Flavius Geminus, who owns a vineyard just outside Pompeii. What they don't know is, Vesuvius about to erupt.

The Pirates of Pompeii

August, AD 79 After the eruption of Vesuvius, Flavia and the others are staying at a refugee camp near the harbor of Stabia. There, children begin disapearing. Following a lead, the four go to stay with Publius Pollius Felix, otherwise known as the Patron, at his Surrentum villa. While Flavia clashes with the Patron's daughter Pulchra, Nubia befriends a mysterious stranger who may be more than he seems.

The Assassins of Rome

September, AD 79 Back in Ostia, Jonathan's birthday turns sour with the news of an assassin on the loose. The assassin turns out to be Jonathan's uncle, who convinces Jonathan that his mother may not have perished in Titus' seige of Jerusalem. Rather, that she is a slave in Nero's Golden House. All involved lacking information, the others go to Rome after them to try and save Jonathan, not to mentionthe Emporer from three deadly assassins.

The Dolphins of Laurentum

October, AD 79 Flavia's father returns to Ostia badly injured, his ship and his means of making money gone. Because of their lack of money, the bankers seize their house and all their belongings. While this is going on, they recieve a visit from Pliny the Younger, who has come to hear what happened to his uncle, Admiral Pliny, who died in the eruption of Vesuvius. He offers Flavia, Jonathan, Nubia, Lupus, Aristo, and Miriam a place to stay while the financial situation runs its course back home. While there, they discover a sunken shipwreck near Pliny's Laurentum villa with riches in its hull. While Flavia attempts to get the treasure to save her house, Lupus has his sights set on revenge...

The Twelve Tasks of Flavia Gemina

December, AD 79 The festival of the Saturnalia is approaching, but Flavia is not enjoying herself. After meeting a mysterious woman named Cartilla Poplica, Flavia's father announces that Flavia is going to be engaged to someone she's never even met. Not only that, but it seems it's not only Flavia who is soon to be engaged. Flavia develops a grudge against Cartilla, convinced that she's controlling her father. After recieving a dream from Hercules, she sets out to perform twelve tasks in order to prove to her father that Cartilla's not all that she seems...

The Enemies of Jupiter

February, AD 80 Flavia and her friends are now healthy, but the plague is still potent in Ostia. But when Jonathan's father recieves a letter from the emporer about the sickness in Rome, they set out to Rome. Once there, the emporer tells them off a firey prophecy that spells disaster for Rome. But Jonathan is more concerned with other things...

The Gladiators from Capua

March, AD 80 In Rome Emporer Titus has opened the Flavian Ampitheater (now know as the Colosseum) with 100 Days of Games in Celebration. Flavia, Nubia, and Lupus go to watch the games, and to investigate, for they aren't entirely convinced Jonathan died in the Fire. In the process, however, the three friends manage to place themselves in dangers that could only occur in such a deadly place as the Colosseum...

The Colossus of Rhodes

April, AD 80 The Delphina is ready for the sailing season, and Lupus is eager to reach Symi and find his mother. But the journey is disrupted by a search for freeborn children kidnapped by Venalicious' Boss. Their search leads them to the island of Rhodes, and Lupus must choose between the lives of his friends and that of his mother...

The Fugitive from Corinth

May, AD 80 Flavia's tutor, Aristo, is on the run in Greece after commiting a terrible crime. Flavia, overwhelmed by her desire for revenge, ruthlessly tracks Aristo in order to bring him to justice. But not all is as it seems, and not all of Nubia's feelings for Aristo are gone...

The Sirens of Surrentum

United States Release Date: April 2007

June, AD 80 Flavia and her friends are invited to spend the Summer at Villa Limona. The weather is warm, and love is in the air for Flavia, who is torn between three men. Of course, their's also the threat of a poisoner who's trying to kill Pulchra's mother, and may be a danger to everyone else as well...

The Charioteer from Delphi

United States Release Date: October 2007

September, AD 80 The four friends meet Scopas, an autistic boy who is also a charioteer from Delphi, who was sent to them by Lupus' Mother so he could race in Rome. But later, when a famous racehorse goes missing, it becomes clear that the world of racing isn't all fun and games. Especially since the four friends are haunted by terrible memories of fire that keep surfacing...

The Slave-girl from Jerusalem

United Kingdom Release Date: April 2007

United States Release Date: April 2008

November, AD 80 When a Triple Murder Occurs in Ostia, a beautiful slave-girl, and friend of Miriam, is accused of the crime. And to make things worse, Jonathan's been having premonitions of death... Which have never been wrong before...

The Beggar of Volubilis

United Kingdom Release Date: October 2007

United States Release Date: October 2008

Description Coming Soon

The Scribe from Alexandria

United Kingdom Release Date: April 2008

United States Release Date: April 2009

Description Coming Soon

The Prophet from Ephesus

United Kingdom Release Date: October 2008

United States Release Date: October 2009

Description Coming Soon

The Legionary from Londinium

United Kingdom Release Date: April 2009

United States Release Date: April 2010

Description Coming Soon

The Man from Pomegranate Street

United Kingdom Release Date: October 2009

United States Release Date: October 2010

Description Coming Soon

Other Books

The Code of Romulus: A World Book Day Booklet

United Kingdom Release Date: February 2007

Description Coming Soon

The First Roman Mysteries Quiz Book

United Kingdom Release Date: March 2007

Description Coming Soon

Roman Mysteries Mini-Mysteries

United Kingdom Release Date: June 2007

Description Coming Soon

The Second Roman Mysteries Quiz Book

United Kingdom Release Date: July 2007

Description Coming Soon

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