Roper is the greatest band on earth. Besides Bon Jovi. And Europe.

Good bands that are not Roper


braveSaintSaturn is also known as bS2.

Guerilla Rodeo

Guerilla Rodeo only had three songs, but they were some of the best three songs you'll ever hear.

Five Iron Frenzy

Five Iron Frenzy had a cool horn section, and most of their songs were either funny or deep and thoughtful.




Kansas is the epitome of classic rock, and their greatest song is not actually "Carry On My Wayward Son" or "Dust In The Wind," but actually a toss up between "Song For America" and "Point of Know Return".

(EDIT: This band does not actually feature any of the members of Roper/Five Iron Frenzy. Basically, Kevin (aka KEVLAR) is using Wiki Scratchpad, which is different from Wikipedia, to exhalt his own musical preferences. Which I am totally ok with because Kansas is pretty nifty. "Carry on, Wayward Son!")


An amazing classic rock band. Most famous song, Bohemian Rhapsody, was brought to the board by our faithful admin, The Slim Fandango, in his thread "Scaramoche, scaramoche will you do the..." and is also a line from the song. From then on many people from the RB started listening to Queen and loved them to death and enjoyed to talk to each other about them. Bohemian Rhapsody is not the only amazing song Queen has. Some others are Under Pressure (not the Vanilla Ice crap song), Killer Queen, Another One Bites the Dust, and so on. (My favorite song is the last one - The Show Must Go On. Thank you. -Tux the Pengwin)

Reese Roper also wrote a song about Freddy Mercury when Five Iron Frenzy was still alive. So he's a fan too, even though when he was in 8th grade he called Freddy a queer.


The Roperboards are a place where people talk and make fun of each other.

[Note: The Roperboards cannot be contained by any specific place on the internet. We ARE the RB. The internet license timer thought it could destroy us. But oh, how we showed it. pwn'd. "Don't go to the RB, BE the RB," etc.]

A sample of the RB from a screen shot:



Poasting (originated by PEZ saying (this may be my last poast for a while) is when you click the "Post Reply" button after typing something into the text box that appears above it. Typical poasts consist of something awesome, crazy, random, unintelligible, funny, exciting, or stupid. 1337 sp34k can be used as frequently as desired.


Toasting is very similar to poasting in that the outcome is something delicious. The difference, however, is that sometimes Jesus will appear on a slice of bread that is being toasted.

Random fact: the siding of the butter on toast does not affect the side that toast lands on when you drop it. (I.E. The buttery side will NOT always land face down!) Random facts are useless information, unless your name happens to be Reuben McNew, or you want to entertain really lame people.

Competing random fact: Images of Satan also appear on food.

The Boardies!

This section will be devoted to describing the different boardies. There are only a few that are still active, but the boardies are a tight knit group, probably even family. IF YOU POST 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100111 01110010 01100101 00100000 01100001 00100000 01101110 01100101 01110010 01100100.

The Boardies are all this old:

(WHAT?! Where am I? I should be on there, I was the youngest not-annoying boardie ever in history!! Tux the Pengwin - 16.5 on that freaking day!! )


KEVLAR is so cool it hurts. He also likes piña coladas, and enjoys kissing in the rain. He is also very available, ladies. One thing about KEVLAR (Other than the fact that he always looks really really tired) is that he always has some comic that relates to every thread! Or at least it seems that way. He has AMAZING juggling skills!!



Dave is awesome, and if it weren't for him the board would be practically dead. Not to mention that it actually already is.

Sara D

Her last name doesn't actually start with D, and the consensus is that she is "Smokin' hot" She also less than threes everybody. Like this: <3!


Our good friend from the great white north, he's the most hardcore of us all! Oh how we wish to feast on slurpees made from venison, like him! He is also named "Canadian John" for being from Canadia. He and Tux got hitched during the boardie wedding craze.


When this d00d makes a poast, you can't even understand it. He may spontaneously combust someday, we just don't know when. Probably the same day Queen Elizabeth is assassinated.

Bump is most likely a robot, or a superterrorism program, engineered to enslave mankind by the year 1998*.

  • Your results may vary.



The boardie named Mulligan is known in real life as Blake. He brings a small amount of sanity to our little home. He is also the undisputed Grillmaster, and can produce hamburgers out of even the most inadequate $15 grill.

File:The Bread is On Fire!


AKA, Dmulligan/Dellismulligan. Dellis joined the boards a day after Blake and apon seeing Mulligan taken he just added a "d" to the username. Dellis is co-founder of The FRFA and was one of the first on The Mulliboards. Though Dellis was an admin at the time he was demoted for being a "stinky hippy" and was cast out from The Mulliboards forever and ever, the same place he currently resides today. Fortunately for Dellis, this was all but a dream, for he awoke and found himself back in the boards. In the year 1994. To save John Connor.


A boardie of many identities, she tends to be quite violent. She frequently makes posts that declare some sort of mass killing, and this is one of the primary reasons she is welcomed. She and Druidan are all lovey-dovey and the like. They get along well, considering their violent tendencies.


Don't call him Justin, call him PEZ. Known little to the outside world, the word PEZ can be used to substitute the word whore. He poasts so much, it has been assumed that his poasting has caused a short circuit in Bump's robot-like brain, causing his general insanity. Pez. Hates. Ska.


While he doesn't post much, his posts are always meaningful. And by meaningful, I mean irrelevant to the majority of threads he posts in. He is also the most honest and blunt man alive. (He has big hair. -Tux)

Amy (paperclip)

Amy is mostly crazy, even to the point of understanding jon sometimes. Mass killings are not her style but does enjoy killing stupid people and n00bs with her ninja sword. She has a secret identity due to the fact that she is Batman, and since it's a secret, you are now risking your own death by reading this text right here.

Spastic Superhero

Unlike PEZ, the original Justin had a brain. It wasn't very big, but it was there. He abandoned the Roperboard on a quest to find Africa - and returned months later, having concluded that Africa does not exist. Now a proud member of the KGB, Justin can be found most often at his computer desk or on the toilet - even while sleeping.


The mysterious Taos, comes and goes as he pleases just to drive for miles and miles and going no where. He can be found sitting in a smoke filled corner at the local IHOP. He is simply Taos or (Sicilian) Toast. Taos can also be found directing Roperwood's biggest films of the year.

Tux the Pengwin

Tux always had a picture of Reese Roper in her signature. She thought, since it was a Roper board, that everyone would know who the way-cool guy in her signature was. That is not to be the case. Every single person to ever 'walk' the boards thought she was a male at least once in their boardie life. Some never quite figured it out no matter how many times she said she was a girl. Others couldn't quite understand why there was a male in her signature if she was, indeed, female. Still others realized that this male with a mullet was Reese Roper, and still thought she was a male. Only the ones who really knew her knew that she was a girl and the man in her signature was Reese Roper. (and Mark Fandango was her BIG BROTHER!! )


(An acception to the rule of people who were around until the end) Cool dude who never was around much. Still amazing.

The Slim Fandango

AKA, Mark. The Gangsta. He was a regular ol' boardie until one day he woke up and found out he had become a Mod! Read more about him and his crazy amazingness down the page. The Fandango thread in "Famous Threads" was started by this radicool guy.



The Supreme commander of the FRFA, this Blue-Fire and Katana wielding Madman may have been a newcomer to the Roperboards, but after killing off several previous members, in very fiery ways, and through the use of underhanded blackmail, managed to claim a sort of prominence in the group. He is the Sexiest Beast of a Man alive, and can often be found hurling fireballs at.... well.... everything I guess..... He still haunts the RB but is usually found terrorizing the fools who dare oppose him on Myspace at Many consider him to be a very nice guy.

Because they know whats goodfor 'em.

He has since moved on to the Mulligan Boards, and has similarly set up shop at He's still in the throwing-blue-fire business.

Super Small Flame and Sword


SHE IS COOL. She went to lots of board thingers, including concerts, and got married in a yellow-striped tent at a roper concert/Corner Stone Festival.



He was cool, if a little too opinionated for the mostly sedate boardies. Ah, the intel wars he started... they were a thing of... beauty...

He has a very pointy nose.

He's the guy who married RudeSkaGirlMelissa in a tent at the Cornerstone Festival. It was sweeeeet. ^_____^ aw! Oh, and Druidan was the best man.
Cory Sits Smugly


For a while there, Nate was pretty much the coolest. His daddio was in the military, so he lived in Korea for a while, but he always managed to be a post whore.



He made lots of computer designs, and did a really good "Roper" cover of a song. I don't remember which one. But it was good and I liked it lots. He even married a boardie!


Josh the Pickle

So he wasn't around at the end, but he was from New Jersey and had a cool accent. He was also ridiculously huge. I mean seriously, huge.


Other notable boardies who should be named: LivingDead04, MXPXacoustic, and figment. All crazy awesome, and the first ones to re-institute the Conference Call at the end of 2011.

Famous Threads

man, living in the eastern time zone sucks

This is the most impressive thread on earth. It has been revived from THE ABYSS and now lives in the mulliboards.

Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the...


Ask Chaka

Where people could ask Chaka any thing and receive some kind of an answer.

There was also once a time when PEZ took over the boards and had over 100 threads that said his name in them

sadly these threads were eaten, by the ever so gruesome death of the RB.

however, some people, no names mentioned, didn't care for these threads and wanted to look at the other threads but couldn't because all they saw was the word "PEZ" everywhere. These unnamed people were glad to see the threads get eaten by THE ABYSS.

I'm so glad THE ABYSS ate them. - Cheese

the Roper Zoo

This was not merely a thread but a website at (Yeah, this link doesn't work anymore, guys. - Tux) Crystal (skalovingkid) began drawing boardies as "animals" that were often not really animals. Lots of times they were inanimate objects. But they were boardies. As inanimate objects. Or other things, like skanking hurricane fairies. Tux the Pengwin was a scarf. A WARM scarf.

You can see it here:


fight to the death threads

This type of thread included many many of threads on the board. Simply it was a fight to the death. We would act out dramatic battles with various creative weapons and techniques. Even thought we (probably) had endless lives it was still fun to come up with new creative ways to kill people.


THE ABYSS is an awful place filled with stupid threads and comments, which have by now died.

However, this ABYSS has taken great threads from our eyes. For example, the Katie thread, that once was almost as large as the Eastern Time Zone Sucks thread. It fell from it's amazing spot on the RB while the person the thread was about was away for a week and she came back and found it not! She was deeply saddened and cried for many years. Still now. She can't help shedding a single tear thinking about the horribleness of that moment of loss.

We at the RB darn the ABYSS to...wherever it came from. May it never reach our borders again. NEVER!


Despite the complaints from certain Floridans, the Oklahoma boardies have by far the most erratic and irritating weather.


Has lots of hurricanes that Floridian boardies frequently discuss and complain about during hurricane season. Boardies from Florida are crazy because they get excited easily over cold weather. They wish for snow so very badly, but it never comes. It's fun to laugh at them if you're from a more northerly state, such as Colorado, New England, or the Maple Leaf State. Make no mistake though, Florida still has four seasons, like the rest of them: Almost Summer, Summer, Still Summer, and Christmas.


Texas is one crazy big place. The boardies from here are extremely cool despite the weather. This is where President George W. Bush is from, and he loves looking at satellite pictures of his ranch in Texas using The Google.

"Uh, occasionally. And one of the things I've used on The Google is, uh, to pull up maps. It's very interesting to see, I've forgot the name of the program, but, you get the satellite, and you can, like I kinda like to look at the ranch, on Google, to remind of me where I want to be sometimes." - President George W. Bush

Lucky for everyone the people of the board from Texas are not like this. They are way cool.

Like Druidan, among others...

Cornerstone Festival

freaking amazing [annoyingly christian, primarily hardcore] music festival where boardies meet face to face and camp together, and sometimes get married!

Cory and Melissa's Wedding

Cory and Melissa&#039;s Wedding - The Goofy Smiles

Camp We <8 Ska

meaning that we didn't devour ska, we just kind of nibbled at it a bit. everyone was jealous of this camp, they wanted to be like us and our <8skaness.

the legendary foodfight

one of these years this will happen, when we get enough willing participants. i vow it!

Chuck, Chuck, GOOSE!

This was a game introduced to us at C-stone by some random but really cool people! It's called Chuck, Chuck, Goose!It's sort of like Duck, Duck, Goose, except the sole purpose is to confuse the people watching you play. Yay!

I know this is not Cornerstone, but there is no heading for "OTHER CONCERTS PEOPLE WENT TO AND MET FACE TO FACE" so... here is a picture of some boardies meeting.



Gestures of appreciation on the part of specific boardies awarded to each other for humorous or awesome feats accomplished on or relating to the boards. There have been a few attempts at creating programs for the spending of the various points, but so far, these efforts have been largely fruitless. A list of the different points awarded by different boardies follows.

Hardcore Tokens

These are special tokens only given out by Mulligan, for things he deems hardcore. Like this Wiki Scratchpad site. These are fairly rare, as Mulligan tends to be picky on what is or isn't hardcore.

Board Awards

These were held twice on the board. Both times very successful. They are awards voted for by the boardies. Categories sometimes include "Post Whore", "Biggest n00b" and others I can't remember.

sara'd points

KEVLAR has seventeen hundred seventy four of these!


Pez' as you can imagine, are given out by pez, to reward people for goot poasts.

A poast is goot if it makes you say, "How! That's a goot! Hitzlah pie!"

Amy's points

Only about 20 (about 8 on the board) have ever been given out making them very rare and special.

Pieces of Dirt

These were once given to Dellis by Katie for doing something good and have never been used since. They have since been replaced by apples, which are just as likely to never be used again.

Heather Points

Given to Cheese for guessing some guy's name in her sig. Pez also has some from pity.


Incorrectly spelled monies by most, this currency is given out by Dellis. The only person to actually ever spend their moneys was Heather... on a dumb karaoke video of Dellis and Cheese.

Blue Fire Balls

Given out by Druidan only on the rarest occasions. This is an unpredictable occurance as they can be given at any time to any one for any reason, so long as Druidan sees fit. Apparently, though their value is great the Fire-Balls themselves will eventually dissipate with time, making them the currency with the highest rate of decline from the initial obtainment. It has been rumored that we may see the Fire-Balls return once more, but no-one has asked Druidan about it.... after all there is the currency Fire-balls, and then there is the regular singe-everything-important-to-you fire-balls. No-one wants those.


Mysty gives out apples because she thinks she doesn't have a money currency, but really.... aren't apples worth like 23 cents each?

Appropriately named Golden Statues

These were the currency of milquetoast___ for feats of excellence that achieved heights of grandeur unsurpassed by other poasts in the thread. When Sara'd once asked rude questions about others' state of undress, questions which went poorly received, she was awarded with The Golden Fig Leaf of NRude Questions.

An example of some points (and a rare occurance of Blue Fire Balls being handed out)



This is going to be a very long list, so I will start it with what I remember best, and everyone talk about what they remember.

The FrenzyBoard Dropout Club (FBDOC)

The first club of the RB, with a cool icon designed by shrimp I believe. The club was conceived shortly after some obnoxious Frenzyboarders launched an attack on (and talked smack about) the still-infant RB, and many young RB'ers realized they shared something in common: they had been rejected and/or turned off by the malice and elitism of the aging FrenzyBoarders. They realized they were FrenzyBoard dropouts. So they started a club. Thus began the first formal form of comradery on the RB...



  • Resident Ladypirate and Chief Foodfight Initiator: sara d. (sunshineandlightning)
  • Head Ninja and Vice Ladies Man: KEVLAR (also bulletproof)
  • Ladies Man: Chief Edd (bowling)
  • Official Spider-Man and Trumpet Playa of the FBDOC: Dave (the Trumpet Playa, fluh!!)
  • Pizza Delivery Poodle: Melissa (rudeskagirlmelissa)

Roper Board Revolutionaries (RBR)

The Roper Board Revolutionaries were mostly not part of the Frenzyboard, but were the new people that came and revolutionized the RB. With new ideas and craziness both of these clubs made the RB what it was.



At least the ones I can remember...

Creator/Leader - Mark (The Slim Fandango), he also became known as The Old Man Gangsta.


"The Loyals" - Were a group of people Loyal to the RBR. Included: Sam (Paddle-ball wiz), Crystal (skalovingkid), and Katie (mysty_gurl)


There were other members but my memory is lacking in this area. I know that Amy was part of this but I'm not sure. Please correct if anyone remembers more!! I was :D -Amy


The Band

At one point there was an RB band. I think I (sara d) claimed to play guitar, along with ben v. And some other people played some other stuff. And there were these cool logos that someone designed with flames behind them, and the instrument in front of the flames. It was pretty hardcore.

gmof2.jpg fbdc4a.gif keys.gif Roperband.gif Roperbandtrumpet.gif

Historical & Oft-Remembered Occasions

The Lawnmower Fight

In the early days of the RB, sara d. launched many a virtual foodfight, and others quickly joined in. Kev, Kev, Josh, and Melly if sara d's memory serves her. Feel free to correct.(Tux the Pengwin lurked for about 2 weeks before joining and enjoyed this spectacle quite thoroughly.) Virtual foodfights usually involved jello, brownies, obscure fruits, whatever came to mind. One particular foodfight (see "'man, being in the eastern time zone sucks...") involved a twisted series of events (involving Kevin/mxpxacoustic, brownies, and a virtual lawnmower added to the scene) that led to "kevin brownies." Needless to say, this particular foodfight kind of died after that. No one really felt like virtually pelting each other with kevin brownies, and sara d. was very sad at the virtual dismembering of her bro. Tux the Pengwin LOVED throwing lime-flavored Jell-O.

The Conference Call!!! (conferencexcallxcore)

This was started and largely promoted by ben v, back in the fall of 2004. Groups of boardies, often large groups of boardies at that, would call The Conference Call and dial 7770777. And it would be really pretty crazy. There was an attempted conferencexcallxcore revival last summer after cornerstone, but it never really stuck.

The Frenzyboard Invasion!!!

This took place shortly after the RB went down the first time. The Frenzyboard was invaded as the Roperboardies had no place to talk, and generally spam. The Frenzyboard was greatly irritated with this, a fact that Cheese and Mulligan exploited by acting like massive, irritating noobs until the RB came back.

The Mass Whorage

In the latter day of the RB, Dave was all alone in the board.


But then, Blake came!


Dave decided the two should whore the board!


But, the way they did it was reeeeeeally confusing.


They imagined the scared look on their comrade's faces...


But the other boardies were really "wierded out."


Because the boardies are random, and used to people whoring the board. So they went and got ice cream.


Mark and Lil Jon stayed behind and made some rad rap beat.