The Ruffs
Theodore Ruff
First appearanceThe Doggies
Last appearance?
Created byBrett Barnett based on Theo, Leroy and Penny the dogs
NameTheodore, Leroy, Penny and various
typeWizards, witches
AffiliationDoggie magic.
  • The doggie power.
  • various
Doggie Stonevarious

The Ruffs

The ruffs are the family which the power of three belongs to. they consist of 7 generations of magical dogs.


Leroy Ruff

Main article: Leroy Ruff Leroy Ruff is the yougest Ruff with a power over water

Theodore Ruff

Main article: Theodore Ruff Theodore Ruff is the second Youngest with power over water.

Penny Ruff

Main article: Penny Ruff Penny has the power of fire.

Lady Ruff

Lady was the one who gave birth to the power of three. She had the power over earth. Status: Deseased.

Tessa Ruff

Better Known as Nana, Tessa had the power over lightening and was the most powerful Ruff until the doggies came along. Status: Deseased.

Lawrence Ruff

Better Known as Larry, he had the power of Love. Status: Deseased.

Maggie Ruff

Maggie had power over mind and she could move things with her mind as well as read people's thoughts and various other things. Status: Deseased.

Madison Ruff

Better known as simply Maddy Ruff, Madison has the power of magnetism and so she could control anything magnetic such as magnets and computers, allowing her to erase any disk and control computer, like getting into an account without a password. Status: Deseased.

Toto Ruff

Toto was the first magical member of the Ruff family, and he had the power of sound.

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Grim | Suzi | Smudges | Eva
And the Rest
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