The Sacred Guard is an ancient group of Pokemorph's who have the foolish ideal of sealing away or Killing all other Pokemorph's. Right now they have the goal of sealing away the Pokemon Half's of the Space Warrior's, the also have allied with Lucifer.



The leader of the group and the Ho oh Pokemorph. He was the first one to appear battling and nearly beating Justin one on one. Right now his own personal goal is to seal away Ross's Pokemon half Deoxys. He has Red hair with Orange streaks and wears a Orange cloak. Along with Golden Gloves and Yellow Shoes. Being a Ho oh Pokemorph grants him a large number of Fire and Flying attacks and he can also use Ancient Power and Sacred Fire. When he was defeated by Ross and Hinaten, he was approached by Rasets which gave him a mission to assist Drake Darkstar, he even turned Resshin's Pokemon Spirit into a Shadow Ho oh.


The Only Female member and the Suicune Pokemorph. She appeared with Sangka the Raikou Pokemorph and double teamed Marissa. Fuijin has made it her own personal goal to capture Micheals Groudon Spirit. She had Violet Hair, and wears the clothes of a Kunochi. She also never likes it when someone tries to get involved in her fights. Since she has a sense of honour. Being a Suicune Pokemorph grant her a multiple of Water and Winds attacks. After the battle against the Space Warrior's Micheal managed to get her onto their side.

Before she joined the Sacred Guard she was once a good friend of Blood Lord Dark Kiva, she usually acted like an older sister and nagged him about the most smallest things.


The Raikou Pokemorph, he loves to use dirty tricks in his fights, He has Yellow hair with Black Streaks, and wears clothes of the same colour, he also carries a rapier. He has made it his personal goal to capture Alistair's Rayquaza Spirit. Being a Raikou Pokemorph grants him multiple Electric attacks. When he and Pyric where defeated by Andy and Alistair, Fuijin used the Sealing technique to take their Pokemon Spirits. But it somehow released the Reanimation jutsu and turned them both to stone.


The Entei Pokemorph, he is the most hot headed of the group. He also runs head long into battle without plans (Like Micheal). He made it his personal goal to capture Andy's Darkrai Spirit. He has Brown Hair with Red streaks, and wears a Brown Hoodie shirt with Red Jeans. Being a Entei Pokemorph Grants him multiple Fire Attacks. When He and Sangka where beaten by Andy and Alistair his Pokemon spirit was sealed by Fuijin which caused him and Sangka to turn to stone.

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