The Sad Story of Bert is a fan-made Thomas & Friends episode.


Bert never was a top-rate engine. He wasn't able to steam efficiently enough and he always ended up straining himself to the point that he ran out of puff completely. One day, everything turned out for the worse; Bert's problem escalated and it seems it was the scrap heap for him - but quite the opposite happened. The Small Controller realized Bert needed an overhaul, and that's just what he got!


  • Rex
  • Bert
  • Mike
  • Jock
  • The Small Controller
  • Oliver
  • Frank (does not speak)


  • A lot of inspiration for this film came from a excerpt of one of the histories of Sodor that talked about the Arlesdale Railway, specifically Bert. It said he did, in fact receive a full overhaul just like his real-life counterpart, River Irt; however, the Arlesdale Railway stories never illustrated him in his new build.

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