The Sad Story of Happy is the third story of The Three Disney Dwarfs.


  • Happy as Henry
  • Walt Disney as The Fat Director
  • James (from Thomas & Friends) as The Red Engine (does not speak)
  • Doc as Edward (cameo)
  • Drivers, Firemen, Guards and the Passengers as Themselves


  • Narrator: Once a dwarf with some animals, was afraid of a few drops of rain. I went into a tunnel and squeaked through its hat and never came out again. The dwarf's name was Happy. His driver and fireman argued with him, but he would not move.
  • Happy: The rain will spoil my lovely clothes.
  • Narrator: He said. The guard blew his whistle till he had no more breath, and waved his flags till his arms ached; but Happy still stayed in the tunnel, and blew steam at him.
  • Happy: I'm not going to spoil my lovely clothes for you.
  • Narrator: He said rudely. The passengers came and argued too, but Happy would not move. Walt Disney, who was with them, told the guard to get a rope.
  • Walt Disney: We will pull you out.
  • Narrator: He said. But Happy only blew steam at him and made him wet. They hooked the rope on and all pulled - except Walt Disney.
  • Walt Disney: My docter had forbidden me to pull.
  • Narrator: He said. They pulled and pulled and pulled, but still Happy stayed in the tunnel. Then they tried pushing from the other end. Walt Disney said,
  • Walt Disney: One, two, three, push!
  • Narrator: But did not help.
  • Walt Disney: My doctor had forbidden me to push.
  • Narrator: He said. They pushed and pushed and pushed; but still Happy stayed in the tunnel. At last, James came along. The guard waved his red flad and stopped him. The two drivers, the two firemen and the two guards went and argued with Henry.
  • Drivers, Firemen & Guards: Look, it has stopped raining.
  • Narrator: They said.
  • Happy: Yes, but it will begin again soon.
  • Narrator: Said Happy.
  • Happy: And what would become of my clothes then?
  • Narrator: So they brough James up, and he pushed and puffed, and puffed and pushed as hard as ever he could. But still Happy stayed in the tunnel. So they gave it up. They told Happy,
  • Walt Disney: We shall leave you there for always and always and always.
  • Narrator: They took up the old road, built a wall in front of him, and cut a new tunnel. Now Happy can't get out, and he watches the dwarfs rushing through the new tunnel. He is very sad because no one will ever see his lovely clothes again. But I think he deserved it, don't you?

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