The Samurai of Sincerity is the fourteenth episode of Digimon Adventure 2.

The English version is written by Eric Goldberg, based on the Story Idea by Ron Clements and John Musker.



Hawkmon: We have to protect the Negroes, Zeppo.

Zeppo: You got it, Hawkmon. Altogether now!

Genies: DigiArmour Energize!

Groucho: Don't worry sir, nobody gets by us. (Talking into his Watch) Keep em' covered.

Gummo: Search the Place, Boys!

(The ArmourDigimon and Genies search the area, peering from behind Trees and Bushes. Digmon pops up holding Iago.)

Digmon: (Into his Watch) Blue Leader? We've got a Eagle Boy here. Says he's cleared security.

Groucho: (From his Watch) I think you'd better let him go.

Iago: You got that right.

Digmon: (Into his Watch) Roger, the Bird checks out.

(Tosses Iago away and zips out. Chico pops up and looks around.)

Chico: (Into his Watch) All clear in the She Front. Bring in the DigiDestined and the Negroes.

Gummo: (From his Watch) Order recieved.

(The DigiDestined and Negroes walk into the Area the Genies and the ArmourDigimon checked. As soon as the Negroes enter, Groucho, Chico, Harpo, Zeppo, Gummo, Digmon, Halsemon, Grabomon and Flamedramon surround them.)

ArmourDigimon and Genies: (In unison) Keep em' covered, Boys.

Chief Egbert: (Squeezing out from Between Flamedramon and Digmon) This is quite unnecessary!

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