Jimmyandfriends's TV-spoofs of "The Alvin Show"

The Sanjay Show DVD


  • Sanjay Patel (Sanjay and Craig) as Alvin Seville
  • Marty (Madagascar) as Simon Seville
  • Arnold (Hey Arnold) as Theodore Seville
  • Mr. Nezzer (VeggieTales) as David Seville
  • Jessie (Toy Story) as Mrs. Frumpington
  • Captain Kirk (Star Trek) as Clyde Crashcup
  • Dracula (Hotel Transylvania) as Leonardo
  • Gobo Fraggle (Fraggle Rock) as Sam Valiant
  • Wyldstyle (The Lego Movie) as Daisy Bell
  • Oswald the Octopus (Oswald) as Stanley the Eagle
  • Chowder as Bentley Van Rolls


  1. Oswald the Octopus
  2. Gobo Fraggle, Private Nose
  3. Squares
  4. Mongoose
  5. Good Neighbor
  6. Fancy
  7. Sanjay's Alter Ego
  8. Gobo Fraggle: Real Estate
  9. Camping Trip
  10. Overworked Sanjay
  11. Dude Ranch
  12. Jungle Rhythm
  13. Chowder
  14. Good Manners
  15. Little League
  16. Hillbilly Son
  17. Sanjay's Cruise
  18. Lovesick Nezzer
  19. Octopus in Love
  20. Arnold's Dog
  21. Haunted House
  22. Sanjay's Studio
  23. The Whistler
  24. Sir Sanjay
  25. Disc Jockey
  26. Octopus Music


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