The Savers
Genre Science fiction
Created by Farid Amin
Developed by Hidayat Yunos
Starring Farid Amin
Hidayat Yunos
Syafiq Ratimin
Farahim Adnan
Putra Azli
Hanis Mehad
Asrul Jailani
Saleh Azmat
Country of origin Malaysia
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 20 (list of episodes)
Location(s) Kuala Lumpur

The Savers is a Malaysian science fiction comic series created by Farid Amin and Hidayat Yunos. The series tell the stories of ordinary individuals who discover that they have superhuman abilities, and also explores how these people adapt to the their abilities and making their world a better place to live in their own ways.


Character Real Name Summary
Agent 007 Farid Amin A clairvoyant Super-Agent from the AGnet agency. His clairvoyant ability alongside with his power-sensing making him a very efficient superhuman and non-superhuman tracker.
Agent 008 Asrul Jailani An illusionist Super-Agent from the AGnet agency. He always succeed in any undercover mission by disguising himself with the help of his illusion-casting ability
Dayat Hidayat Yunos A first-year student from Segi University who possess enhanced hearing. His best friend is Shafiq. In a preview of season 2 showing that he will gain cryokinetic ability as he was among the depowered superhuman in the activation and boosting of superhuman abilities.
Syafiq Syafiq Ratimin Best friends of Hidayat and a first-year student in Segi University capable of turning his physical appearance into invisible. His invisibiliy seems to improve in a preview of season 2 showing that he can turns large-sized objects such as cars and walls of building.
Farahim Farahim Adnan A hot-tempered teenager possesses pyrokinetic ability. She is a second-year student in Segi University. It is unknown whether she has an improvement in her ability because she also among the superhuman that involved in the jump-start to revolve her ability.
Hanis Hanis Mehad A second-year student of Segi University capable of manipulating plants.
Iefa Iefa Also second-year student of Segi University with her ability is still unknown. She is Hanis's best friend since they were in high school

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