The Scary Witch is a Thomas the Tank Engine Halloween special by cactus190706, and it was released in October 2010.


For the past two years on Halloween night, the ghost train had attacked the two engines. Two years ago, Thomas laughed at Percy and Toby for saying that the ghost train existed and told them that they were silly for saying he existed, so that night in revenge, the ghost train attacked right behind Thomas and chased him around the island and then he disguised it as a dream. Last year at the Skarloey Railway, Duncan tells his friends that they're children for saying that the ghost train existed and he then soon pays for that and for the revenge, the ghost train chases Duncan and made him fall off a cliff and then he disguised it as a dream as well. The ghost train wants to do something more evil this year. He was sick of chasing engine and disuising things as dream. Then he calls in to the Great Witch Engine thathe needs her and she appears. Ghost train tells her that he's sick of the living and he wants them to pay. The Great Witch Engine tells ghost train that he has been loyal to her all over the years, but she wants him to get more ghost trains. Ghost train tells the Great Witch Engine that he choose the Sodor Engines will make great ghost trains, so the Great Witch Engine agrees with him. She told him he would still be in her first in command. Tomorrow night on Halloween, the Great Witch Engine will get her army of ghosts and ghost train will make sure of it. The key lies within Thomas. The ghost train can only attack Thomas if he says he doesn't exist. The Great Witch Engine sends ghost train to tell the engines that he existed and they will laugh and tell each other that he doesn't exist. Ghost train agrees with the Great Witch Engine. With a magic spell that she gives him, this will work perfetly.

Back on the Island of Sodor, Thomas and Percy are shunting the trucks at the coaling plant. Percy tells Thomas the Halloween is tomrrow night and that he wishes the ghost train wouldn't return. Thomas told Percy that the last year, the ghost train had attacked poor Duncan and made it if it dreamed. Percy joked Thomas that there are no such thing as ghosts. Thomas begs Percy not to say that because the ghost train doesn't like it.

The next morning, Thomas tells Percy and Toby not to go out of the sheds because the ghost train would come tonight which makes Percy and Toby laugh. Toby told Thomas that there are no such thing as ghosts. Thomas then scaredly begs Toby not to say that. At the Knapford Station, Thomas tells the

That night at the Knapford Station, Thomas sees Gordon couple up the ghost train express. He's nervious when he sees Gordon with an evil looking face. But suddenly, the real Gordon arrives! He gasps and is shocked when he sees the fake Gordon until he turns into the ghost train after Gordon's and Thomas's driver and fireman in the ghost train express! Thomas and Gordon were scared to see the ghost train! The ghost train tells Thomas and Gordon that the


  • Thomas
  • Edward
  • Gordon
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Donald and Douglas
  • Skarloey
  • Sir Handel
  • Peter Sam
  • Rusty
  • Duncan
  • Proteus
  • Spencer
  • Diesel
  • The Great Witch Engine
  • The Ghost Train
  • The Flying Dutchman
  • James (does not speak)
  • Henry (cameo)
  • Duck (cameo)
  • Emily (cameo)
  • Mavis (cameo)
  • Salty (cameo)
  • Bear (cameo)
  • Rheneas (cameo)
  • Annie and Clarabel (cameo)
  • Oliver (deleted scene)
  • Stepney (deleted scene)
  • Bill and Ben (deleted scene)
  • Neville (deleted scene)
  • Arry and Bert (deleted scene)
  • Daisy (deleted scene)



Part 1

  • The Ghost Train: For the past two years on Halloween night, I have attacked two little engines. Two years ago, a little blue tank engine laughed at his friends for saying that I exsised... and told them that they were silly for saying that I exsised. So that night in revenge, I attacked him from behind and chased him around the island. And then, I diskies it as a dream! Last year, a yellow little narrow gauge engine told his friends they were children for saying I exsised. And he sooned paied for that! And in revenge, I chased him and made him fall off the cliff. And then, I diskies it as a dream as well! See, not beliving in the ghost is an assault to a ghost! This year, I want to do something more evil! I'm sick of chasing engines and don't say I exsised and diskies as a dream! What shall I do? Uhh, Great Witch Engine, I need you! (Great Witch Engine appears) I'm sick of them living! I want them all to pay!
  • The Great Witch Engine: Ghost Train, you've been loylerd to me all over the years. But, I want more ghost trains. Maybe an army of them.
  • The Ghost Train: More ghost trains, Great Witch Engine! The Sodor engines would make great ghost trains!
  • The Great Witch Engine: The Sodor engines, eh? That sounds like a good idea! But don't worry
  • The Ghost Train: Tomorrow night on Halloween, you will get your army of ghosts, Great Engine, I will make sure of it. The key lies with the little blue tank engine. I can only attack an engine and they say that I don't exsised.
  • The Great Witch Engine: Maybe
  • The Ghost Train: That is a good idea, Great Witch Engine! With that new magic spell you gave me, this will work perfectly!
  • Narrator: Meanwhile, back on Sodor, Thomas and Percy were shunting trucks at the coaling plant.
  • Percy: Tomrrow night's Halloween, Thomas. I hope the ghost train doesn't return.
  • Thomas: Oh, I hope he doesn't, Percy. Last year, he attacked Duncan, and made as if he dreamed it.
  • Percy: Honestly, Thomas, there's no such thing as ghost! I was only joking!
  • Thomas: No, Percy, don't say that! The ghost train doesn't like it you're saying that he doesn't exsised! That's when attacks you!
  • Percy: Oh really? Anyway, Thomas, no time to talk about ghosts. I have to take this coal to the coal bunkers.
  • Narrator: And then Percy sets off. Then Thomas got a shock! 
  • Thomas: Percy, wait! Wait! You've left the truck behind! But how? There was a break van behind your trucks!
  • The Ghost Train (as known as the truck before he appears)(evil laughing and then the ghost train appears) Hello, little blue tank engine! Remember me?
  • Thomas: Oh no! It's you! The ghost train! What do you want?!
  • The Ghost Train:
  • Thomas: What? What sort of warnings?!
  • The Ghost Train:
  • Thomas: Leave my friends alone! What ever they done to you?
  • The Ghost Train:

Part 2

  • Duncan: Why is Thomas here instead of Gordon?

Part 3

  • The Flying Dutchman: Great Witch Engine, after all this time, I have finaly found you! Now remove the curse, and let me rest in peace!
  • The Great Witch Engine: He dare demand 
  • The Flying Dutchman: Whatever did I do to you?! I died, and then
  • The Great Witch Engine: I wanted you to work for me, Dutchman!
  • The Flying Dutchman: Why would I ever work for an evil monster like you? You block me
  • The Witch Engine: 

The Scary Witch YouTube Videos

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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