The Season Finale of KND Final Battle from in the Scavenger Hunt

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The Final Battle of The End of Scavenger Hunt; Delightful Children
is a special end as...Numbuhs 1-5 and his Classmates from Doremi, DCFDTL wants to last create 6 Monsters with Borgslayer. with Lady Tremaine and Drizella from Cinderella III: A Twist in Time.

Big Money Time For as...Numbuh One of the KND Scavenger Hunt Final Day Year of 2008 to Become Award as...Sonic X Award Won Years of 2007-2008!

Father's Pipe

The Final Monster for Delightful Children's Scavenger Hunt of The End: Borgslayer


DCFDTL's Giant Six Monsters from Rita & Zedd

Dora Mole
Dora Capricorn
Dora Blaze
Dora Wasp
Dora Madillo
Dora Argus

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