The Seck


The Seck are intelligent evil beings which destroyed the biggest empire of the world, The Kingdom of Stars, however the 10th Legion of the Legionnaires of The Kingdom of Stars escaped to the land of Ehb.


  • Warrior - A Basic Seck with a sword which seems inferior to the Seck, is a strong short-sword,
  • Archer - A Seck with a metal longbow.
  • Mage - A Seck with a powerful staff that can be used for combat and magic.
  • Elite Versions of Archer and Warrior - These are superior in training and equipment.


After the 10th Legion fled, the Seck started invading, however their leader was captured and they were forced to be imprisoned under Castle Ehb, the magic barrier being held by the great mage of Ehb.


Soon after they escaped after the mage was frozen and the barriers lowered, they then attacked Castle Ehb completly killing all the defenders and capturing King Konrad. However their leader was soon killed banishing them to hell.

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