The Fat Controller tells the Stationmaster he'll need more engines. Then Thomas has an idea. So the Steam Team go on boats to a strange Island called Island. On Island there are hundreds and hundreds of engines. There controller is The Island Controller and actually not very nice. But he makes the steamies think he is very nice. Later Golden a golden engine with the same body as Percy tells the steamies the truth and they want to escape, Thomas tells them that The Fat Controller wanted some new engines too. Thomas tells everyone his plan to get back to Sodor but when they're about to go through a tunnel they get caught by The Island Controller who breaks Trammy a tram engine with Toby's body's front cowcatcher so Toby and Trammy push him into the stream that runs across the island then they escape on boats. Bash, Dash and Ferdinand come too when they pass Misty Island and the Island Engines laugh at Old Wheezy. The Fat Controller is very pleased to have lots and lots of new engines. They get repaired at the Sodor Steamworks then they have a big party where Hank, Hiro and Murdoch take Victor, Kevin and the Narrow Gauge Engines on flatbeds while Percy gives the pack a lift to the station. They all laugh. During the credits it shows the fun they're having and the cast.

Characters and Cast


Thomas, Toby, Ferdinand

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