(A huge city of New York appears with Mordecai's story)

(Mordecai is riding a bike with Anna)

Mordecai (narrating): My name is Mordecai, and I'm the most luckiest blue jay in New York, because of her.

Tagline: Ever wonder

(Mordecai starts to take Anna's scarf off)

Anna: Come on, Mordecai. I gotta go.

(Mordecai catches up to Anna)

Anna: See you tonight.

Tagline: what the pets you love

GoGo Tomago: Bye, Margaret and CJ.

Fagin: So long, Skips.

Jackie Lynn Thomas: See you later, Sawyer.

Tagline: do when they leave?

(Sawyer throws her food off the floor)

(AnimatedFan195 Productions logo)

(Tito uses a kitchen mixer for a massage)

Skips: Morning, Mordecai.

Mordecai: Sup, guys.

Margaret: Any plans today?

Mordecai: I got big plans. I'm gonna sit here and I'm gonna wait for Anna to come back. Oh, I miss her so much.

(Later that night)

Mordecai: She's back!

Anna: Hey, Mordecai. Am I late yet? I have some big news.

(Anna brings home Kovu)

Anna: Mordecai, this is Kovu.

(Mordecai gasps in fear)

Anna: Kovu is going to be your brother.

(Kovu licks Mordecai in the face)

Tagline: From the humans behind "Hiro Hood" and "Animaltopia".

Mordecai: Sawyer, I've got a bad situation. Anna brought home a psychopath from the animal pound. I don't even have a bed now.

(Kovu sits on Mordecai)

Mordecai: I'm sleeping on the floor,

(Kovu snores at Mordecai on the floor)

Mordecai: like a dog.

(Anna is seen brushing her teeth with Mordecai talking about a bad situation)

Mordecai: Kovu is ruining our lives! It's an emergen--

(Mordecai makes a barking sound)

Anna: Aww, you's a little cutie pie.

Kovu: Hey. Hey.

(Kovu is riding with Mordecai)

Margaret and CJ: Mordecai?

(Mordecai and Kovu end up in the pound)

Boss Wolf: Push the way down there.

Kovu: Mind your own business! Oh my gosh, what happened to you?

(Mordecai and Kovu run for their lives then get captured in the Animal Control)

Mordecai: Wait! Help! Help! Help!

Skips: Did you hear that?

Tito: Butterfly!

(Skips, Tito, Einstein and Francis chase after the butterfly)

Margaret: Mordecai is missing! We've got to find him!

Mordecai: Anna's gonna be worried sick.

Kovu: We've had a great thing going. I blame myself.

Mordecai: Yeah. Me too. I blame you a lot.

(Ludo appears with a key)

Ludo: We bust the both of you outta here, but from now on, you work for me. Advantage me!

(Ludo laughs but suddenly, candy falls from his butt)

Ludo: Uh-oh. Just ignore what just happened, OK?

(Ludo continues laughing)

Kovu: Run, Mordecai!

(Mordecai and Kovu escape from Ludo's henchmen)

(Margaret and CJ ride on Discord)

Rufus: This is my city. I'll find your friend. We've gotta take this secret rout.

(Rufus slides into a pipe)

Sawyer: OK. The secret rout was death.

Rufus: Come on.

(Margaret, CJ, Skips and Tito slide in)

(Mordecai and Kovu fall into a sewer)

Mordecai: We can find our way home. We are descendant from the mighty wolf.

Birds: Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!

(Margaret, CJ, Sawyer, Discord, Skips, Spike, Rigby, Tito and Rufus fly in a skyscraper)

Mordecai: We have robbed primal instincts

Baloo: Hi. How are ya?

Mordecai: that are moments away from leading us home.

(Mordecai and Kovu fall into a lake)

Kovu: Is our home that way?

Mordecai: Seriously?!

Title: The Secret Life of Animals

Narrator: The Secret Life of Animals.

Aladdin: Be a good boy, Mushu.

(Mushu turns on to "Bounce" by System of a Down)

Tagline: Coming Soon.