'The Seemingly Never-Ending Story is the fourteenth Episode of The Simpsons seventeenth season.

It was written by Ian Maxtone-Graham (Main Plot), Ken Keeler (Homer's Story), George Meyer (The Goat's Story), Greg Daniels (Mr. Burns' Story), Conan O'Brien (Moe's Story), Jon Vitti (Krappabel's Story), John Swartzwelder (Carl's Story), Shelley Zellman (Lenny's Story), Rowby Goren (Snake's Story), J. Stewart Burns (Bart's Story), Harvey Fierstein (Lisa's Story), John Frink, Don Payne (Frink's Story), Martha Moran (Marge's Story), Mike Scully (Quimby's Story), Marc Wilmore (Texan's Story), Greg Daniels (Tintin's Story), Simon Pegg, Nick Frost (Thompson and Thomson's Story), Bill Oakley, Josh Weinstein (Captain Haddock's Story), Sam Simon (Chief Wiggum's Story), James L. Brooks (Apu's Story), Ron Hauge (Cletus's Story), Tom Grammill, Max Pross (Professor Calculus's Story), Kevin Curran (Karl's Story), Josh Lieb (Carney's Story), David Mirkin (Krusty's Story), Al Jean, Mike Reiss (Sideshow Mel's Story), Jim Reardon (Sideshow Bob's Story), Donick Cary (Nelson's Story), Richard Appel (Lovejoy's Story), Bob Kushell (Patti's Story), Brent Forrester (Selma's Story), Ned Goldreyer (Skinner's Story), Jay Kogen, Wallace Wolodarsky (Tamzarian's Story), Phil Harnage (Chalmers's Story), Dan Greaney (Milhouse's Story), Matt Groening (Martin's Story), Jennifer Crittenden (Lionel Hutz's Story), Jeff Martin (Ned's Story), Brad Bird (Maude's Story), Bill Freiberger (Rod's Story), Steve Pepoon (Todd's Story), Billy Kimball (Grimey's Story), Steve Tompkins (Dr. Hibbert's Story), Mel Brooks (Kirk's Story), Diana Fresco (Bumblebee Man's Story), Bob Odenkirk (Otto's Story), Alexander Duke (Dr. Nick's Story), Larry Doyle (Kearney's Story), Valentina Garza (Jimbo's Story), Bill Canterbury (Dolph's Story), Stephanie Gillis (Snowy's Story), Allen Glazier (Troy's Story), Jeff Westbrook (Eddie's Story), Brian Kelley (Lou's Story), Steve O'Donnell (Wally's Story), Stan Phillips (Kelly's Story), Matt Warburton (Grampa's Story), Daniel Chun (Jasper's Story), Dan McGrath (Barnaby's Story), Ken Levine, David Issacs (Jolyon Wagg's Story), Reid Harrison (Nestor's Story), Robin Williams (John's Story), Kelsey Grammer (Cecil's Story), David X. Cohen (Bernie's Story), Richard Sakai (Didi's Story), Marty Feldman (Dr. Sarcophagus's Story), Dave Thomas (Mack's Story), Rick Moranis (Harvey's Story), Rene Astle (Troy's Story), Tracey Ullman (Barney's Story), Patric Verrone (Drunk Man's Story), Richard Pryor (Marty's Story), David M. Stern (Walter's Story), Daniel Stern (Agnes's Story), Tom Martin (Jewish Old Man's Story) and Judy Rothman Rofe (Maggie's Story) and directed by Raymond S. Persi, Jim Reardon, Mark Kirkland, Wes Archer, Rich Moore, Steven Dean Moore, Stan Phillips, Bob Anderson, Mike B. Anderson, Chris Clements, Lauren MacMullan, Greg Daniels, Nancy Kruse, Lance Kramer, Kent Butterworth, Jen Kamerman and David Mirkin.

It won many Awards including an Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program (for programming Less Than One Hour) and an Annie Award for Best Writing in an Animated Television Production.


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