• Telly and Big Bird read the first chapter of the story: The Letter R
  • Leaves form a capital and lowercase r
  • Sand R/r
  • Telly and Big Bird read the second chapter: The Letter X
  • Stamped and painted x animation
  • Ernie Bert and Shiloh Talk about X
  • Children on the Playground form the Letters of the Alphabet
  • A boy blows a bubble. It pops, and kids yell "Surprise!"
  • It's Time for a Rhyme
  • Telly and Big Bird and Baby Bear find more segments about R and X to watch
  • Letter R Hoist
  • Letter R Space paint
  • Paper Crumpling R/r
  • Letter X at the Beach
  • The Letter "X" Appears on Screen
  • A hand draws the letter X.
  • Big Bird sings ABC-DEF-GHI
  • The Alphabet Presentation in Different Ways
  • Telly and Big Bird finish the story about R and X for the numbers of the Day
  • Colorblock Grid #8
  • Rap Song #11
  • Abstract Count #16
  • Ernie sings "I Don't Want to Live on the Moon" at night.
  • Luxo Jr: Heavy & Light
  • Elmo and Telly sing Heavy and Light
  • Now that more segments about the numbers of the day
  • Swedish Number Cartoon: 8 Bats
  • Rubber Stamp #11
  • 16 Television Sets on a truck
  • Ernie and Elmo cry because segments about R lack R words and X lack X words. Elmo goes to his apartment to feed dorothy. Big Bird and Telly announce the sponsors, including R and X, introduce Elmo's World, and says goodbye when Elmo's World is about to start.
  • Elmo's World: Food
  • Last scene: Oscar says "Sesame Street is a Production of Sesame Workshop! Bye Bye!" as the regular harmonica ending theme plays.

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