SHAPE O-BOTS: While playing Shape-O-Bots, Telly, Elmo and Rostia are able to help a man who needs shapes; guest Andy Samberg.
GREAT VIBRATIONS: Bob and Grover help Abby choose an instrument to learn.

FAIRY TALE SCIENCE FAIR: Fairy tale characters solve problems with science.

THE RAINBOW SHOW: Elmo is drawing when he looks up in the sky and sees a rainbow! Elmo rushes to show everybody, but Rostia arrives, the rainbow has disappeared. Elmo ask if Leela if there is something he can do to bring the rainbow back.

Opening Previews

  • ABC for Kids Logo
  • 'G' rating screen
  • ABC for Kids Promo {1981}
  • Sesame Street intro {Season 43}
  • First few seconds of Shape-O-Bots

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