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Shek'Fal is a custom race of sentient Arcachnid (or more correctly Insectoid) beings create by Vak the Angel of Death for the online TBRPG known ase the "BZPRPG".

Basic Info

This is information for any BZPRPGers that wish to make a Shek'Fal. Although, hopefully you will read the rest of the info afterwards. Better background that way. ;)

Name-This varies with the personality. Stealthy Shek'Fal choose generic and unremarkable names, educators generally name themselves after great people of the past, warriors will choose a name in Shekkian, and leaders will generally repeat their fathers name (the longest case of this was Xal'ack the XIII). It should be noted that the Shek'Fal choose their own name rather than their parents, they are named when they come of age at twenty-one.

Appearance-It depends on their Nationality, but they all are Six-Legged with large pincers, most have powerful jaws. This does not apply to clones like Agent X and Agent _.

Personality-Again, this is regional, and will be covered latter. Most Shek'Fal are either nuetral and passive or evil and volatile. All Shek'Fal are extremely intelligent and calculating however.

Powers-All Shek'Fal are very strong, have powerful venom (which is without an antidote), and most can secret a sticky substance, much like, tar when under stress. Other then that, there is not much that they have in common when it comes to powers.


According to the ancient scriptures of the Shek'Fal, they were one of the first beings on the planets. Thus leading to slight egotism from the Shek'Fal. The following is an excerpt from the "Booke of the Origins" a document said to be the first written book:

""While the [Matoran] where crawling in mud, we were speaking and building. While the [Rahi] learned to walk, we learned to write. While the [Visorak] spun their first webs, we built our first cities. When the Blackness built his [Brotherhood], we built nations. We are the Shek'Fal, wisest and oldest of all beings.""

And this may infact be true. Old Matoran cave painting dipicated what is thought to be Visorak, but many had six legs, and stood upright, and the fear-struck Matoran could easily be worshipping them. In any case the Shek'Fal island, Vyc'Svve (or Vycve-Nui as it's now called), was discovered around one thousand years B.F. (Before Fall, refering to the Great Cataclsym). Great citties spanned the insland of Vyc'Svve, which was about thirty times the size of Mata-Nui.

At first, the Toa thought the Shek'Fal civilaztion was amazing, and they were awed by the sheer size of it all. However the Shek'Fal started to break away from each other, segregating their Nations, and eventually closing the borders. One Shek'Fal (or at least, a Makuta disguised as a Shek'Fal) rallied the hate of the Volcanic Shek'Fal (or Elzk-Drez) and set into irattionally towards the Toa. Soon, there was a war raging between the Shek'Fal and the Toa. For a century, the war raged with both sides losing massive amounts of warriors and citizens alike.

Eventually, one Shek'Fal leader succumbed to the will of the Makuta, and lashed out at the other nations. Soon, none of Shek'Fal were allied, and the Toa forgotten. In the aftermath, Vyc'Svve was left in ruins, and half of the Shek'Fal population left dead. A treaty between the Shek'Fal nations was signed, to prevent a war like this from ever happening again. However, two groups soon divided the island again, leaving it in a perpetual Cold War, the Ky'Fa-Ilk and the Par'Sag-Ilk. To this day, the two group stand, waiting for the other to deal the first blow.



The entire island of Vyc'Svve is divided into multiple nations, with fifteen major countries (however that is very likely to change). Powers, appearance, and personality. Each nation is given an element or Din'Jak and is followed by the suffix -Drav, the inhabitants of the nation are given the same element/Din'Jak but with the -Drez suffix. Here is a list of the important Nations:

Volcanic Nation or Elzk-Drav

The people here are firey and hotheaded, they were known for being able to make blades strong enough to cut through a solid rock as it fell to the ground. Nowadays they are blacksmiths that build the machines that the Metal Nation comes up with. Elzk-Drez very rarely create their own armor or weapon concepts. Elzk-Drez are taller than most other Shek'Fal, and they have replaced their Pincers with five-fingered claws. The Elzk-Drez are generally vibrant reds and oranges, some are even yellow. All Elzk-Drez also posses the ability to fire invisible spheres of heat from their fingers. Not many Matoran have been let into the Volcanic Nation, and therefore information on terrain and architecture is lacking.

Metal Nation or Chiv-Drav

The Metal Nation is the capital of Vyc'Svve, and the technological center. Tall buildings rise from the ground in this massive metropolis, and magnetized rails, with small, metal pods that race along them, weave in and out like some metalic snake. Chiv-Drez are the most intelligent of all Shek'Fal, and create designs for the Elzk-Drez to build. The Metal Dwellers are gernerally large and strong, with robotic implants that give them enhanced power. All Chiv-Drez have control of the element of Metal and most have Laser Vision. Chiv-Draz contains it's own capital, named Chiv-Svve, and the capital of Vyc'Svve, Din'Jak'Svve. Here are some major weapons and items developed in Chiv-Drav:

Shekkian Mask Armor

This Armor is the most popular armor in all of Vyc'Svve, and many Dark Hunters and non-Toa are fond of it. Aside from being incredibly strong, it allows the wearer to use Mask Powers if they are creatures normally unable to use masks. The Chiv-Drav don't say much on how it works, but it is beleived to read the nuerons from the wearer's brain and cause the mask (mounted on the chest) to activate when the wearer commands it to.

Air Combine

Used in the airfeilds of Daif-Drav, these machines are pulled by Hydruka and can harvest cubic kilometers of air. They seperate the good air from the bad and mix it with a special 'enlightenment' gas, and then use the air to replenish Daif-Drav's, cities' air-supply.

The Mountain Nation or Kaz-Drav

The Mountian Nation is the most peaceful nation in all of Vyc'Svve. Ragged mountains and sprawling deserts are broken up by sculpting villages and lush farms. All of the Kaz-Drez are farmers, architects, or explorers. Of all Shek'Fal, they travel from nation to nation the most. Notable landmarks are the Sculptor's Village, where architects and sculptors live, and Shekk'Kaz, a town near the highest mountian in Vyc'Svve of the same name. All Kaz-Drez are dark brown, gunmetal, yellow, or black, have protosteel claws, and are extremely strong. Their most notable power is their ability to blend in with their surroundings by adjusting the color of their skin.

The Aquatic Nation or Daif-Drav

The Plant Nation or Fazc-Drav

The Mind Nation or Sha-Drav

The Astral Nation or Qavc-Drav

The Ice Nation or Zel-Drav

The Subterranean Nation or Uve-Drav

The Uve Ruins or Uve-Tva


Known Shek'Fal

Shekkian (Language)

  • A
  • B
  • Chiv-Metal
  • Drav-Nation
  • Drez-Dwellers
  • Din'Jak-Unknown, beleived to be non-Toa elements
  • Daif-Aquatic
  • Elzk-Volcanon, Volcanic, Fiery
  • Faall-Species
  • Fazc-Plant
  • G
  • H
  • Ilk-Being
  • J
  • Ky'Fa-Peace
  • Kaz-Mountain
  • L
  • M
  • Naj-Isle, Islets
  • O
  • Par'Sag-War
  • Qavc-Astral, or Spectral
  • R
  • Shekk-Great
  • Svve-Home
  • Sha-Mind
  • Tva-Ruins
  • Uve-Subterranean
  • Vyc-All Powerful
  • Vyc'Svve-All Powerful Home
  • W
  • X
  • Y
  • Zel-Ice

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