• Fix-It Felix Jr. (Wreck-It Ralph) as Zidgel
  • Jimmy Neutron as Midgel
  • Wallace (Wallace & Gromit) as Fidgel
  • Fozzie Bear (Muppets) as Kevin


Jimmy, Wallace and Fozzie: Hey, Felix, where'd you get that zalliely huh?

Fix-It Felix: I got it from a bear named Lotso!

Jimmy, Wallace and Fozzie: How'd you figure out how to play that thing?

Fix-It Felix: You just twist a few knobs and swing!

Fix-It Felix: Well, you just climb on into that circus tent...

Jimmy, Wallace and Fozzie': And before you know it your a seed of discontent!

Fix-It Felix: And you tell me what went wrong...move your feet and swing along!

Oh you're just griping and whining about everything

Jimmy, Wallace and Fozzie': You're complaining hips are hard to swing

Fix-It Felix: You just get up and jump, drive, and run. For you should be having fun.

Everyone: Don't be a seed...if a seed is what you've got to be, A Bright And Shining Star!

Jimmy: *does a rythm of scats*

All: You can't always get what you want (No-no) You can't always get what you want (Uh-uh) But if you gripe sometmes you just might find...You Turn into SEEDS!

Fix-It Felix': When you stop griping and whining about everything

Jimmy, Wallace and Fozzie:': You're legs get loose, and you start to swing.

Fix-It Felix': You jump, drive, and run...and now you're having fun!

And you tell me where that sad face went-

Jimmy, Wallace and Fozzie:': You crack a smile, change your style, now you're content!

Fix-It Felix': You're singing a new song...move your feet and swing along!

All: Don't be a seed, if a seed is what you are. You've got to be...a bright and shining star!

Fix-It Felix': And they see you singing and smile a lot

Jimmy, Wallace and Fozzie': They want a little bit of what you've got!

Fix-It Felix': Now look at who you are! A bright and shining star! Much happier by far...

All: Much happier by far...A bright and shining-

Fix-It Felix': No griping, No Whining!

Fozzie: A

Fozzie and Wallace: Bright and

Fozzie, Wallace and Jimmy: Shining

All: Star!

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