The Show Must Go On is an episode of The Little Adventures of Bruno. It features guest stars from Disney Channel live-action series.


Knob Haven now has the money to provide a variety show to support the show but the teachers are stuck on ideas featuring Bruno.

Guest voices

  • Steve Valentine - Darren Saturn
  • Greg Baker - Frank Furter
  • Stephen Full - Soot
  • Demi Lovato - Sunshine Marvo
  • Raven Symone - Robin Simon

Ideas and parodies

All of the teachers' ideas are a parody of Disney Chanel's live-action comedy series. Even the laugh tracks have been placed and there theme songs, licensy copyrighted and payed in royalties, have been used.

  • Ennis Hofftard: His idea was a show titled I'm a Musician which is a parody of I'm in the Band featuring returning castmember Jess Harnell as the lead singer vocals for the parody, replacing his bandmate friend Chuck Duran. Steve Valentine, Grey Baker and Stephen Full who played Derek, Burger and Ash from the original show play there parodied counterparts. Bruno plays the role as the Tripp parody, Stumble.
  • Muhammad Sabbehh Happy Faac Nuabar: Translated by Ami and Jack, his idea is known as The Sweetified World on Board which is a parody of the Suite Life on Deck. Bruno and Jack play Zeke and Carl, parody of Zack and Cody. Ami plays the role as Tokyo Fifton, parody of London and Zoe as Hailey Chainlink, parody of Bailey Pickett with Yori Desktop (voice of Jess Harnell) as Plank; parody of Woody Fink.
  • Andrew LeGustambos: Being ordered to not do a show about himself, his idea would be Susanna Lousiana which is based on Hannah Montana. Ami plays the role of Susanna, a J-pop singer who lives in the double life as a normal sailor fuku student in Tokyo. Bruno plays the role of Deckard, the Oliver Oken parody and Zoe plays the role as June, the Lilly Truscott parody.
  • Helen Klench: To show more action and fighting, she creates Choppin It heavingly based on Kickin It. Jhack Lemon plays the role as the fictionalized version of Jack Brewer from the original show. Larry becomes Sensei Ron and the characters of Milton, Eddie, Jerry and Kim are played by Ori, Rolf, Jhack and Ami.
  • Willard Deutschebog: His is a more skateboardish type of show which is Pete and Lumber based on Zeke and Luther. Bruno's role is Pete, the parody of Zeke Falcone and Jhack's role is Lumber, the parody of Luther Waffles. Naru Desktop becomes Olive, parody of Ginger and Carmichael becomes the Ozzy parody.
  • Miracle Grohe: To show more childish friendly and enviromentalism, she develops Break a Leg Chrissy parody of Good Luck, Charlie. Ami plays the role as Grizzly, a teen girl who makes video diaries for her baby sister Chrissy (played by Merch Grohe; Miracle's baby son) and has troubles with DJ (played by Salmon Rushty; parody of PJ) and Garth (played by Bruno; parody of Gabe) with her doctor mother (Miracle) and exterminator father (Stuart).
  • Larry Littlejunk: His idea is to seperate the normal people with the scientifics by creating Guinea Pigs a parody of Lab Rats. Bruno plays the role of Lenny, a normal kid (parody of Leo) who's stepdad Mr. Interport (parody of Davenport; played by Larry) is the inventor of three bionic robots; Alan, Barbera and Chad (parody of Adam, Bree and Chase; played by the Desktop siblings).
  • Sue Sezno: Her idea is about a comedy show about a comedy show called A Luck of the Sunshine parody of Sonny with a Chance. Demi Lovato plays the role as Sunshine Marvo, parody of her character Sonny Monroe; who stars in a comedy sketch show with her friends as actors agains the rival team Chaz Ryan Conner (parody of Chad Dylan Cooper; played by Bruno).
  • Stuart Prozakian: For magical power purposes, he creats There So Robin parody of That's So Raven. Featuring the voice of Raven Symone as Robin Simon, a parody of her fictionalized self, it's about Robin having the ability to see into the future. It would also gets it's own sequel Corky in the Halls parody of Corey in the House, spinoff of That's So Raven.


  • This is the first episode not to feature Bruno as the main character.
  • Bruno only has one line in the episode outside the visions.
  • This is the first episode where the school is now called Knob Haven due to the renaming it.
  • This episode was made to make fun of Disney's works.
  • The animation of the flashbacks was done by Walt Disney TV Animation Studios.
  • Ami speaks English numerous times in the visions except for Susanna Lousianna.
  • Jess Harnell (Yori Desktop) replaces bandmate Chuck Doran as the lead vocal of Im in the Band parody.
  • Arrested Development, another show created by Hurwitz, was referenced.

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