The Show of the Mr. Men is an Fan-Made T,J&H Productions Series



  • All the Characters has an Start of "Mr." or "Mrs." (if is an Man is "Mr.", and if is an Girl/Woman is "Mrs.".)


  • In the Season 1 Intro we can See; Tickle Man (Extending his Arms during Intros), Helpful Girl (Helping "Calamity Man" who's Trying to Put an Picture), Big Girl & Small Girl (Eating Donuts with Nosey Man & Mini Man), Noisy Man (with his Megaphone at Grumpy Man's Ears), Strong Man (Lifting an Dumbbells), Quiet Man (trying to Tell Something), Scary Man (Putting in the Face one of his Spooky Masks to Scare Tickle Man's Hands, but he Spooks Nervous Girl too), Daredevil Man (Flying in the Middle of the Screen), Messy Man "with Nasty Man" (Taking some Trash in a Bin, when Tickle Man's Hands Comes the Bin's Lid falls), Pernickety Man "with Neat Man" (Cleaning Tickle Man's Hands after The Bin Lid Crash), Chatterbox Man "with Fantasy Girl" (Near to Crazy Man who when Tickle Man's Hands touch Him, he Runs Away), Scatterbrain Man (Riding Over a Toy Tran), Lazy Man (Lying in a Hammock), Bounce Girl (Walking in the Left Side, when Tickle Man's Hands come to Her back she Bounces), Smart & Clever Girls (Near to Villain Man making a World Domination machine, when Tickle Man's Hands Pushes a Self-Destruction button, the Machine Explodes over Villain Man & Smart & Clever Girls Laughs at Him), Happy Man & Sunshine Girl (in the "Good Morning Dillydale" Counter), Rude Man (Razzing to Tickle Man's Hands), Trouble Girl (Making a Knot to Tickle Man's Hands while Stubborn Man Refuses to See it), Whoops Man (Trying to Ajust Bump Man's Parachute when Tickle Man's Hands Tickles him) & Bump Man (Falling to the Screen and Making the logo of "The Show of the Mr Men")


  • Tickle Man
  • Happy Man
  • Bump Man
  • Snobbish Man & Splendid Man
  • Nosey Man & Mini Man
  • Nice Man
  • Lazy Man
  • Big Girl & Small Girl
  • Pernickety Man
  • Strong Man
  • Grumpy Man
  • Clever & Smart Girls
  • Scary Man
  • Stubborn Man
  • Scatterbrain Man

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