With the Spitfire tucked away in stardock, Zero and company reports to admiral Thorak about what happened on the other side of the wormhole, and is then informed by Thorak that the Empire is building a weapon for the war.

This weapon has enough power to destroy an entire planet...and that's what we're going to use it for.
—Admiral Thorak

Sir?!We're going to destroy a planet?!

That's right. Desperate times, desperate measures.

Zero is about to argue, but stops before he can open his mouth. He finally surrenders, and Thorak gives him his new assignment, which turns out to be aiding in a planetary siege at Ke'Waertt, a Skregg industrial world full of duranium, which is used in Empire starship hulls..

Will there be boom sticks?

(Sigh) Yes, Aiden, there will be a lot of guns. That's why it's called a siege.
—Zero, annoyed

Thorak wishes the crew luck, and also states that 3 other ships, the EE Darket, the EE Nightwing, and the EE Firehawk will also be meeting the crew there.

With that, the crew goes back to the Spitfire and exits the stardock, then sets a course for the Earth-Link.

Once through, the Spitfire plots a course for Ke'Waertt and meets up with the 3 ships as planned. But Zero knows there is something wrong.

Shouldn't we have encountered Skregg by now?...Sensor scan. NOW!

Meatbag detects 3 massive energy surges directly behind the 4 ships. Zero orders them on-viewer, but sees nothing.

Meatbag, send the sensor information to tactical...Catscratch, move us to within firing range of the surges...Aiden, fire at my command.

Yes, sir, but is something wrong?

I think the Skregg are using experimental cloaking devices.
—Zero, shocking the crew

Once within firing range, Zero gives the order to fire, and Aiden hits the marks, revealing all three ships-in-hiding. He then orders the rest of the fleet to open fire, and they wipe out the ships with ease.

They had no weapons on those ships...either they were experimental, or they're up to something.

Agreed. Meatbag, scan the area for any other surges. Inform the others to do the same immediately.

They scan the area, but find nothing. Zero comes to the conclusion that they were experimental after detecting radiation from a ship component: the cloaking device.

Relieved, Zero orders the four ships to head to Ke'Waertt.

Once there, the ships pick up high concentrations of a very poisonous substance.


Zero ordered Meatbag to find a match on the substance, and confirmed it was the same substance the Skregg had used before. When Aiden asks why the Skregg would do something like it, Zero can't help but wonder the same.

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