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  • Real Name: John Jessup
  • Age: 27
  • Alias: Hitman
  • 'Powers: Force Field and expert marksman

Main Article

Birth of a Mercenary

John Jessup was born in 1980 to Peter and Marie Jessup. When John was five his parents were murdered right in front of John. His mission was to get revenge for his parents death. A year after his fathers death John received newspaper clippings about his father. His father was a mutant! He had the ability to turn his skin into an organic diamond-like substance that was imppenatrable. His mother on the other hand was not, although she was a computer genius. John soon realized that he could create force fields. When he was looking through the attic, which he was never allowed to go to, he found his fathers two old silverballers. Taking the name "Hitman", John went out on a quest for vengence.

Vengeance and Tragedy

John began his quest by following a detective who had previously been assigned to find his parents killer. The detective gave him a few leads to follow. Sadly they all lead to a dead end. Then oneday John got a phone call from a mysterious person. The caller told him he knew the identity of his parents killer. It was infact the detective! John immediately ran after the detective and killed him. with his dads silverballers. Two days later he received a call from the morgue telling him his fathers brother had been murdered. When John asked how he was shocked when he was told that his uncle had been killed by a silverballer! His uncle had murdered his parents!

A new Life

John soon left America and went to Mexico. Taking the name "Silverballer" John made a new life out of being a professional mercenary.

Behind the Scenes

  • This article was created by Lukesky32
  • Ideas provided by the game Hitman:Blood Money

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