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  • Homer as Blackadder (Except Series 1)
  • Bart as Baldrick (Except Series 1)
  • Marge as Kate/Bob
  • Lisa as Queen Elizabeth I and Nurse Mary
  • Patty/Selma as Nursie
  • Ned Flanders as Captain Darling
  • Principal Skinner as Melchett and Duke of Wellington
  • Lenny as George
  • Barney as Lord Percy
  • Moe as Flashheart
  • The Sea Captain as Captain Redbeard Rum
  • Slideshow Bob as Bishop of Bath and Wells
  • Mr Burns as Series 1 Blackadder and Prince Ludwig
  • Waylon Smithers as Series 1 Baldrick
  • Fat Tony as Witchsmeller Pursuivant

Nelson as William Pitt the Younger

  • Comic Book Guy as the Red Baron
  • Mrs Krabappel as Amy

Any more ideas?

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