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  • Marge as Jackie (They Both Ends With A E)
  • Homer as Matt
  • Lisa as Inez
  • Bart as Digit
  • Lenny as Buzz
  • Carl as Delete
  • Mr. Burns as Hacker
  • Ned Flanders as Dr. Marbles
  • Maude Flanders as Motherboard
  • Moe as Ledge
  • Luanne Van Houten as Creech
  • Principal Skinner as Slider

Version 2 (Coming Soon to YouTube 2014)

  • Sherri as Jackie
  • Bart as Matt
  • Lisa as Inez
  • Milhouse as Digit
  • Ned as Slider
  • Maude as Creech
  • Kearney as Buzz
  • Jimbo as Delete
  • Nelson as Hacker
  • Dolph as Ledge

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