1. Homer as Dan
  2. Ned Flanders as Chris
  3. Maude Flanders as Elise
  4. Edna Krabappel and Principal Skinner as Elise's parents
  5. Grandpa Abe as Chris's Great Great Grandfather
  6. Moe as Mechanic Mike
  7. Rainier Wolfcastle as Mel Darwin
  8. Imposter Homer as The Imposter
  9. Nelson Muntz as Alec
  10. Fat Tony as Frankie the Poacher
  11. Mayor Quimby as Jeff
  12. Luigi Risotto as Chef Puree
  13. Krusty the Clown as Flynn Goodhill
  14. Princess Kashmir as Jean Goodhill
  15. Sideshow Bob as Kale Goodhill
  16. Sideshow Mel as Dennis

and more

See also

Dan Vs/The Simpsons

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