Version 1

  • Lisa as Dora
  • Bart as Boots
  • Allison as Isa
  • Moe as Benny
  • Milhouse as Tico
  • Merida (Brave), Rapunzel (Tangled), and Mavis (Hotel Transylvania) as The Fiesta Trio
  • Homer as The Big Red Chicken

Version 2

  • Marge as Dora
  • Homer as Boots
  • Lenny as Benny
  • Allison as Isa
  • Barney as Tico
  • Mr. Burns as Swiper
  • Prinipal Skinner as Boot's Dad
  • Bart as Map
  • Lisa as Backpack
  • Nelson as The Grump Old Troll
  • Ned Flanders as Big Red Chicken
  • Milhouse as Baby Blue Bird
  • Sandy (Spongebob) Wendy (South Park) and Lois (Family Guy) as The Fiesta Trio

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