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  • Homer as Valerie (Valerie's Voice Suits Homer Simpson)
  • Marge as Heinrich Von Marzipan (Heinrich Von Marzipan's Voice Suits Marge Simpson)
  • Bart as Mushi Sanban (Mushi Sanban's Voice Suits Bart Simpson)
  • Lisa as James Nixon McGarfield (James Nixon McGarfield's Voice Suits Lisa Simpson)
  • Maggie as King Sandy (King Sandy's Voice Suits Maggie Simpson)

Voice Cast

  • Grey DeLisle - Homer Simpson
  • Dee Bradley Baker - Marge Simpson
  • Tara Strong - Bart Simpson
  • Tom Kenny - Lisa Simpson
  • James Arnold Taylor - Maggie Simpson

Characters Names

  • Were-Dog Homer
  • Marge Von Marzipan
  • Bart Sanban
  • Lisa Nixon McGarfield
  • Queen Maggie

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