• Milhouse as Joycelyn
  • Bart as Angelina
  • Lisa as Samir
  • Martin as Billy the Panther
  • Maggie as Daniel
  • Ralph as Brogan
  • Krusty The Clown as Banoi
  • Marge as Amy from Futurama
  • Homer as Nibbler from Futurama
  • Nelson as Angao
  • Abe as Buster from Arthur
  • Willie as Thor from Thor the Dark World
  • Moe as Gosalyn from Darkwing Duck
  • Santa's Little Helper as Lucky
  • Apu as AnnDinhDinh
  • Edna Krabappel as Robot Devil from Futurama
  • Elizabeth Hoover as Negaduck from Darkwing Duck
  • Mr.Burns as Josephine
  • Selena Party as Simun
  • Jessica Lovejoy as Taurus Bulba from Darkwing Duck

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