The Simpsons/Futurama is a parody series with Futurama audio and The Simpsons clips. Both series are sister shows because were created by Matt Groening.


Version 1 (made by JamestheRedEngine17) (STOP EDITING PLEASE!)

  • Homer as Fry (both of them are main characters of their shows)
  • Marge as Leela
  • Moe as Bender
  • Lisa as Amy
  • Principal Skinner as Hermes
  • Grandpa Abe as Professor Farnsworth
  • Ralph as Dr Zoidberg
  • Ned Flanders as Scruffy
  • Luann Van Houten as LaBarbara
  • as Leo Wong
  • as Inez Wong
  • as Yancy Fry
  • as Michelle
  • Bart as Cubert
  • Milhouse as Dwight
  • as Mom
  • as Walt, Larry & Igner
  • as Zapp Brannigan
  • Martin as Kif
  • as Morgan Proctor
  • as Turanga Morris
  • as Turanga Munda
  • as Donbot
  • Mr. Burns as Nixon
  • as Tinny Tim
  • Sideshow Bob as the Clamps
  • as Hattie McDoogal
  • as Robot Devil
  • as Preacherbot
  • as Mayor Poopenmeyer
  • as Smitty and URL
  • as Linda
  • Kent Brockman as Morbo
  • as Hyper-Chicken

Version 2 (made by Diesel10Fan)

  • Lenny as Fry (DO NOT EDIT!)
  • Lisa as Leela (DO NOT EDIT!)
  • Bart as Bender
  • Marge as Amy
  • Homer as Hermes (DO NOT EDIT!)
  • Grandpa Abe as Prefessor Farnsworth
  • Ralph as Dr Zoidberg
  • as Scruffy
  • as Nixon
  • Sideshow Bob as the Clamps
  • Marge as LaBarbara Conrad
  • as Tinny Tim
  • as Zapp
  • as Kif
  • as Cubert
  • as Dwight
  • as Mom
  • as Walt
  • as Larry
  • as Igner
  • as Linda
  • as Morbo
  • as Michelle
  • as Leo Wong
  • as Inez Wong

If you have any more casts, please put them on the list.

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