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Version 1

  • Homer as Knuckle Joe
  • Marge as Sirica
  • Bart as Tuff
  • Lisa as Tiff
  • Lenny as Rick
  • Carl as Coo
  • Milhouse as Kirby
  • Nelson as Pon
  • Jimbo as Con
  • Mr. Burns as King Dedede
  • Smithers as Escargoon

Version 2

  • Homer Simpson as Knuckle Joe
  • Marge Simpson as Sirica
  • Bart Simpson as Kirby
  • Lisa Simpson as Ribbon
  • Maggie Simpson as Tiff
  • Milhouse Von Houten as Tuff
  • Lenny as Mayor Len
  • Carl as Chef Kawasaki
  • Barney as Chief Bookem
  • Rodd as Pon
  • Todd as Con
  • and more

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