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The Simpsons/Mr Men are parodies with Mr Men sounds and The Simpsons clips.


  • Ned Flanders as Mr Happy
  • Maude Flanders as Miss Sunshine
  • Snake as Mr Stubborn
  • Mr Burns as Mr Rude
  • Lisa as Miss Chatterbox
  • Eric Cartman (from South Park) as Mr Clumsy
  • Moe as Mr Grumpy
  • Homer as Mr Tickle
  • Sideshow Bob as Mr Mean
  • Breezie (from Sonic) as Miss Naughty
  • Barney as Mr. Bump
  • Sonic (from Sonic) as Mr. Funny
  • Bart as Mr. Daydream
  • Crash Bandicoot (from Crash Bandicoot) as Mr. Bounce
  • Marge as Miss Tiny
  • Rod or Todd as Mr. Small

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