• Lisa and Milhouse as Rosie and Jim
  • Marge as Noddy
  • Homer as Fireman Sam
  • Ned Flanders as Postman Pat
  • Lenny as Pingu
  • Principal Skinner as Superted
  • Lillie Lightship as Tilly
  • Ten Cents as Tom
  • Sunshine as Tiny
  • Maggie as Spider
  • Agnes Skinner as Bump
  • Grandpa Abe as Old Bear
  • Sea Captain as Sooty
  • Edna Krabappel as Goldilocks
  • Barney as Parsley the Lion
  • Bart as Rupert
  • Todd as Spot
  • Carl as Paddington Bear
  • Ralph Wiggum as Dinko The Dog

Voice Cast

  • Rebecca Nagan - Lisa Simpson
  • Robin Stevens - Milhouse Van Houten and Ten Cents
  • Susan Sheridan - Marge Simpson
  • John Alderton - Homer Simpson
  • Ken Barrie - Ned Flanders
  • Carlo Bonomi - Lenny Leonard
  • Derek Griffiths - Principal Skinner
  • Claire Carre - Lillie Lightship
  • Andrew Davenport - Sunshine
  • Hibbrt Ralph - Maggie
  • B - Agnes Skinner
  • Anton Rodgers - Grandpa Abe
  • Matthew Corbett - Sea Captain
  • Eric Hill - Todd
  • Michael Hordern - Carl Carlson


Lisa and Milhouse

  • Automata

Marge Simpson's Springfield Adventures

  • Marge Simpson and Her Hair

FireSimpson Homer

  • Brass Band

PostFlanders Ned

  • PostFlanders Ned's Birthday


  • Lenny The Icicle Musician

SuperPrincipal Skinner

  • SuperPrincipal Skinner Kicks Up The Dust


  • Hedgehog


  • Maggie Song

Agnes Skinner

  • Agnes Skinner and the Talking Tree

Grandpa Abe Stories

  • Martin Prince Lost

Sea Captain

  • A-Z Of Animals

Revolting Rhymes

  • Edna Krabappel and The Three Bullies

Bart Simpson

  • Bart Simpson and The Knight


  • Todd's First Walk


  • Carl and The Old Master

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