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  • Bart as Rayman
  • Lisa as Ly the Fairy
  • Milhouse as Globox
  • Krusty the Clown as Clark
  • Snowball 2 as Polokus
  • Plopper the Pig as Uglette
  • Mr. Burns as Adrimal Razorbeard
  • Hugo Bart as Ninjaws
  • King Kong (from King Kong) as Jano
  • Mr. Smithers as Adrimal Razorbeard's Lackey
  • Rats from Movies and Shows as Rabbids
  • Stewie (from Family Guy) as the Zombie Chicken
  • Kangs as Axel
  • Kodos as Foutch
  • Grandpa Simpson as Murfy
  • Death (from Family Guy) as Andre
  • Sideshow Bob as Mr. Dark
  • The Pirates (from Peter Pan) as The Teensies
  • Ned Flanders as The Magican
  • Maude Flanders as Betilla
  • Princess Kashmir as Tily
  • Marge as Razorwife
  • Jimbo as Henchman 800
  • Nelson as Hunchman 1000

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