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Casts for each parody arn't always the same, but most likley are Homer as Sonic, and Bart as Tails. Here's a list of examples:


  • Sonic - Homer/Bart/Lenny/Ned Flanders/Principal Skinner/Carl/Barney/Officer Wiggum/Ralph Wiggum/Moe/Professor Frink/Milhouse/Smithers
  • Tails - Bart/Milhouse/Homer/Barney/Lenny/Carl/Ralph Wiggum/Professor Frink
  • Knuckles - Principal Skinner/Krusty the Clown/Ned Flanders/Moe/Homer/Lenny/Bart/Professor Frink/Milhouse/Smithers/Ralph Wiggum/Carl/Barney
  • Antoine - Moe/Bart/Homer/Krusty the Clown/Lenny/Principal Skinner/Homer/Carl/Ralph Wiggum/Ned Flanders/Smithers/Milhouse/Professor Frink
  • Sally - Marge/Lisa/Maggie/Maude Flanders/Laura Powers/Lurrann Van Houton/Helen Lovejoy/Edna Krabappel
  • Bunnie - Maude Flanders/Marge/Lisa/Maggie/Edna Krabappel/Laura Powers/Lurrann Van Houton/Helen Lovejoy
  • Rotor - Database/Ned Flanders/Professor Frink/Principal Skinner/Officer Wiggum/Carl/Smithers/Lenny/Barney/Moe/Ralph Wiggum
  • Dulcey - Edna Krabappel/Lisa/Maggie/Marge/Helen Lovejoy/Maude Flanders/Laura Powers/Lurrann Van Houton
  • Shadow - Lenny/Barney/Homer/Bart/Carl/Moe/Milhouse/Snake/Comic Book Guy/Officer Wiggum/Professor Frink/Smithers
  • Amy - Lisa/Marge/Maggie/Maude Flanders/Laura Powers/Lurrann Van Houton/Helen Lovejoy
  • Cream - Maggie/Lisa/Marge/Maude Flanders/Laura Powers/Helen Lovejoy/Lurrann Van Houton
  • Rouge - Lisa/Marge/Edna Krabappel/Lurrann Van Houton/Laura Powers
  • Big - Bumblebee Man/Barney/Homer/Bart/Milhouse/Principal Skinner/Officer Wiggum/Ralph Wiggum
  • Cosmo - Laura Powers/Lisa/Marge/Maggie/Maude Flanders/Lurrann Van Houton/Helen Lovejoy
  • Tikal - Helen Lovejoy/Maude Flanders/Marge/Lisa/Maggie/Lurrann Van Houton/Laura Powers
  • Silver - Proffeser Frink/Grandpa Abe/Homer/Bart/Milhouse/Smithers/Moe/Lenny/Carl/Barney
  • Blaze - Lurann Van Houten/Edna Krabappel/Lisa/Maggie
  • Marine - Mindy/Lisa/Maggie
  • Vector - Officer Wiggum/Lenny/Principal Skinner/Homer/Moe/Smithers/Krusty the Clown/Professor Frink/Carl/Groundskeeper Willie/Apu
  • Espio - Groundskeeper Willie/Carl/Moe/Principal Skinner/Homer/Smithers/Professor Frink/Krusty the Clown/Bart/Lenny/Milhouse
  • Charmy - Milhouse/Ralph Wiggum/Bart/Homer/Barney/Lenny/Carl
  • Vanilla - Patty/Selma/Marge
  • Mighty - Lenny/Groundskeeper Willie/Moe/Homer/Carl/Ned Flanders/Principal Skinner/Smithers/Bart/Milhouse/Officer Wiggum/Ralph Wiggum/Professor Frink
  • Ray - Barney/Bart/Milhouse/Homer/Ned Flanders/Lenny/Officer Wiggum/Carl/Ralph Wiggum/Smithers/Professor Frink
  • Dr. Eggman - Mr. Burns/Comic Book Guy/Sideshow Bob/Snake/Nelson Muntz/Jimbo Jones
  • Snivley - Mr. Burns/Snake/Comic Book Guy/Sideshow Bob/Nelson Muntz/Jimbo Jones
  • Metal Sonic - Mr. Burns/Snake/Comic Book Guy/Sideshow Bob/Nelson Muntz/Jimbo Jones
  • Scratch - Rodd Flanders/Todd Flanders/Lenny/Carl/Nelson Muntz/Jimbo Jones
  • Grounder - Todd Flanders/Rodd Flanders/Carl/Lenny/Jimbo Jones/Nelson Muntz
  • Coconuts - Mayor Quimby/Milhouse/Bart/Homer
  • Breezie - Edna Krabappel/Marge/Lisa
  • Manic - Apu/Lenny/Carl/Homer/Bart/Smithers/Ned Flanders/Milhouse/Officer Wiggum/Professor Frink/Barney/Moe/Krusty the Clown/Principal Skinner/Ralph Wiggum
  • Sonia - Brandine/Edna Krabbapel/Laura Powers/Marge/Lisa/Helen Lovejoy/Lurrann Van Houton

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