Mayor Quimby tells everyone that a new boy named Milhouse is arriving today. He also tells them that Emily is coming today.


  • Mayor Quimby as Captain Star
  • Homer as Ten Cents
  • Bart as Top Hat
  • Grandpa Abe as OJ
  • Principal Skinner as Big Mac
  • Barney as Warrior
  • Milhouse as Sunshine (Mentioned)


  • Mayor Quimby (Narrating): I remember the day we got our first big break. It started like most; at dawn.
  • Mayor Quimby: Good morning, Springfield Citizens. Today I've charted a new boy to help out with the extra work. He's from Shellbyville. Homer, he'll be working with you, show him the ropes.
  • Homer: Right, Mayor Quimby. What's his name?
  • Mayor Quimby: Milhouse.
  • Bart: Milhouse? Only good for housework, is he?
  • Homer: Not bright in your upper bit, Bart.
  • Bart: I resent that!
  • Mayor Quimby: Settle down. Give Milhouse a chance. Now for the really good news. After a lot of hard bargaining, it seems I've managed to land the contract for one of the biggest engines around; Emily! When she arrives this afternoon, the Springfield Fleet wil bring her in for a visit, but first, we've got to prove ourselves; Abe, you're in charge.
  • Grandpa Abe: Aye aye, Sir.
  • Mayor Quimby: Skinner.
  • Principal Skinner: Sir.
  • Mayor Quimby: You're leading.
  • Skinner: Right.
  • Mayor Quimby: Bart, Barney, you're on the side push.
  • Bart: Not you, Homer, this is no work for weak people.
  • Homer: Oh, all right.
  • Barney: Yeah, that's right, strong people only, Homer.
  • Homer: Make sure you don't bump into her, Barney.
  • Mayor Quimby: On your way, Homer. Show Milhouse how to get the work done, and fast.
  • Homer: Yeah, right, okay, then.
  • Mayor Quimby: Now, the rest of you, I want you finished early so you can get yourselves spic and span for Emily this afternoon.
  • Bart: Oh, no...

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