Frank Grimes gives orders to Ned Flanders, but Ned Flanders ignores him. Then Ned Flanders tells Grandpa Abe about him.


  • Frank Grimes as Bluenose
  • Ned Flanders as Hercules
  • Grandpa Abe as OJ


  • Mayor Quimby (Narrating): To run a fleet of men, you must be prepared to take on any job. One of the most difficult and dangerous was handling the big naval munitions. On this day, I remember Ned Flanders had brought the naval agent, Itchy in from the base up the coast. Usually, a familiar and safe routine. But, it had been a rough journey, real rough, and as if that wasn't enough, he had to suffer Frank Gimes, the officious naval man.
  • Frank Grimes: Attention! Attention, you, Ned Flanders!
  • Ned Flanders: Attention nothing. I'm finished here, old darling. Moving out.
  • Frank Grimes: Oh no, you don't, not till' I check things out!
  • Ned Flanders: Check all you like, sweetheart. I'm needed elsewhere.
  • Frank Grimes: You're under Navy jurisdiction! Obey orders, and wait until I've made my inspection!
  • Ned Flanders: I am under jurisdiction, Mayor Quimby's. A little weight-washer like you doesn't tell me what to do!
  • Frank Grimes: Ha! We'll see about that, laddie. Ned, here, wait! Stay right where you are, that is an order!
  • Ned Flanders: Toodle-oo.
  • Frank Grimes: Upstart civilian! I'll get you in a Naval convoy one day and I'll teach you a lesson or two, and then you'll know what orders are all about!
  • Ned Flanders: Yuck. That Frank. He's orders-mad. Orders come before common sense in naval terms.
  • Grandpa Abe: I've had a barney with him, too, Ned. 'Keep those cones in line', he shout., as if I haven't done this job every naval exercise. 'Report to me when you're finished', he says. Thinks I'm too old for this work, he does. Hey, do you know what they're doing? They're loading munitions and taking fuel aboard the same boxes. Heh. Dangerous workmanship, that is.
  • Ned Flanders: Well, Abe, me dear, I'm gonna to have a bit of a rest at my house. Been a hard day, and I feel a bit low.
  • Grandpa Abe: Uh oh.
  • Frank Grimes: Keep them in line! Stay true to the Marines! I'll check them after I've done my inspection!
  • Grandpa Abe: We should work together, not fight each other! Never fought when I was a young kid.

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