Mr. Burns gives Marge his kerosene. Also, Chief Wiggum catches Kearney and Dolph with his things.


  • Mr. Burns as Zorran
  • Marge as Lillie Lightship
  • Homer as Ten Cents
  • Milhouse as Sunshine
  • Chief Wiggum as The Fire Tug
  • Kearney as Zip
  • Dolph as Zug
  • Daisy (from Thomas & Friends) as S.S. Vienna


  • Mr. Burns: Ahem. Uh, I changed my mind, Marge. I'd rather you have my kerosene.
  • Marge: Oh, thank you, Mr. Burns.
  • Milhouse: Don't thank him. Daisy didn't take it, so he's lumbered with it!
  • Marge: I'll still have it. I'm no good to anyone without it, am I? Half-price though, eh, Mr. Burns?
  • Homer: Yeah, half price, Mr. Burns. Then we don't say anything about Kearney and Dolph, okay?
  • Mr. Burns: (Stutters) What? You crook!
  • Marge: Well, that's good coming from you, Mr. Burns!
  • Mr. Burns: Waah!
  • (Homer and Marge laugh)
  • Chief Wiggum: Stop! That's our property! What do you think you're up to, eh?
  • Dolph: Just trying to clear it for you, boss.
  • Kearney: Yes. Yes, yes.
  • Chief Wiggum: That's not what I heard. You're coming with me!

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